Have a Safe and Secure Journey to Tokyo with This Helpful New Guidebook!

  • Are you planning on heading to Tokyo sometime soon yet unsure about which places to visit? Worry not, as the new Sompo Guide Tokyo is here to help you! It is a guidebook which allows visitors to have a memorable and safe journey in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan.

    Unlike other guidebooks, it focuses on providing a deep knowledge about different areas in a spiritual way as well as to take pictures and see the sights. This guidebook is scheduled to be released on June 1st 2017 in all major bookstores around the country. Check it out!

    Sompo Guide Tokyo

    Japan is a rich country which is enjoyed by millions of tourists from around the world every year. It provides a realm where tradition and innovation meet. With the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the city is attracting even more attention internationally. Because of this, several guidebooks have been published in order to aid foreign people in navigating their way around the city. One of these is called “Sompo Guide Tokyo.”

    This book was published with the full support of Sompo Holdings Inc., a group which provides property insurance, life insurance, and similar services related to finance. The book is packed with the essentials that will help you enjoy your Tokyo trip. For visitors who’ve been to Tokyo countless times, the guidebook provides some information on places which are not typically visited, making it useful even if you’ve been to Tokyo before.

    Owing to the guidebook’s historical and cultural references, it is sure to capture the heart of visitors. Some content is all about proper Japanese customs and manners in public spaces. It guides people on how to properly eat sushi or use the train in the city. It also assures first-timers to have a safe and pleasant journey while touring around.

    The Outline

    To give you more insight on the guidebook, here is the outline. It is characterized by “three CANs”, namely “You can get a taste of Tokyo”, “You can feel Tokyo”, and “You can enjoy Tokyo”. The guidebook features restaurants well-loved by Tokyoites. It will tell you the availability of foreign language speaking staff, Wi-Fi, English guidance, tax exemption, and acceptance or non-acceptance of credit cards. You can also feel Tokyo not only through its historical temples and shrines, but places which represent the subculture of the Japanese people. Other places are recommended by famous artists.

    The guidebook also has a point-and-speak page which will allow you to properly communicate with Japanese passersby. Several Tokyo area maps are available, including railway maps. You’ll also get to know the useful facilities at Tokyo Station (東京駅), information on Tokyo transportation, manners and customs, travel tips, and a lot more. If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you may do so at Amazon. You may also visit Kinokuniya Bookstore Shinjuku Main Store (紀伊國屋書店新宿本店), Junkudo Bookstore Ikebuburo Main Store (ジュンク堂書店池袋本店), Book 1st Shinjuku Store (新宿店) and KAIZOSHA Bookstore (改造社書店).

    Whether you’re a first-timer visiting Tokyo or you’ve been here before, the Sompo Guide Tokyo will make sure you make the most of your travel in the city. The guidebook aims to give travelers a safe and secure way to tour around without getting worried about adapting to the people’s customs. There’s a lot of information to check out in this book. Grab one before going on your Tokyo adventure!

    Sompo Guide Tokyo website

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