Ghouls, Get Ready! A Tokyo Ghoul Cafe Will Be Coming to Tokyo for a Limited Time!

  • If you’re a fan of the Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種) series, then you surely already have a hint what this article will be about just by reading the title. That’s right! The internationally popular Tokyo Ghoul will be opening its very own cafe serving Anteiku’s (あんていく) menu right in Tokyo (東京) for a limited time!

    Tokyo Ghoul Background


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    Tokyo Ghoul is a popular manga and anime series created by Ishida Sui (石田スイ) centering on a dark fantasy genre. Because of the numerous gore scenes, I think Tokyo Ghoul may not be the right choice for the faint of heart.

    The story is lead by protagonist Kaneki Ken (金木研) who once lived a very normal life until the incident that turned him into what the story calls a flesh-eating “ghoul.” In the story is a coffee shop called “Anteiku” which is managed by the ghouls who took Kaneki in and taught him how to handle his new life.

    Tokyo Ghoul Cafe

    The popular manga, Tokyo Ghoul, will be having a collaboration cafe with Ikebukuro PARCO’s (池袋パルコ) THE GUEST cafe&diner to commemorate the series’ upcoming live-action movie, which will premiere in Japan on July 29th, 2017. The cafe will run for a whole month, from May 27th to June 28th, 2017.

    So, what can all the ghouls out there look forward to from the soon-to-open cafe?

    Anteiku Menu

    The menu at the Tokyo Ghoul Cafe will surely surprise all fans out there! If you’ve read or perhaps watched the anime, you may remember some scenes where the characters were actually eating themselves. So if you would also like a taste of what they were having, here are three of the dishes to be served.

    1. Honto ni Kore wo Taberu no ka…? Burger (本当にこれを食べるのか・・・?バーガー)

    Remember what Kaneki received for the first time from Tenchou (店長), Anteiku’s manager? The supposed “meat” wrapped in a brown package.

    The “Honto ni Kore wo Taberu no ka?” (“Can I really eat this?” in English) is made of burger and not human flesh. Phew! It also comes with a side of potato and salad for 1,480 yen plus tax.

    2. Amon no Kakiage Udon (亜門のかき揚げうどん)

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    Inspired by the udon that Amon ate after work, Amon’s Kakiage Udon also comes served with a sausage in the shape of his quinque (クインケ). This meal will surely fill you up with its volume for 1,180 yen plus tax.

    3. Hinami no Hamburg (ヒナミのハンバーグ)

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    If you’re up for some hamburg, then you should try the one that Hinami had. But wait, take a good look at the sausage before you take a bite of it ’cause it’s in the shape of cut fingers! This is priced at 1,680 yen plus tax, and you can add 100 yen if you want to have rice with it.

    There are many other menus available like the Mazui Sandwich (まずいサンドイッチ), sweets like Juzo’s Parfait (什造のパフェ) and Kaneki’s Coffee Bean Toast (カネキのコーヒー豆トースト), and drinks like Touka’s Jelly Drink (トーカのゼリードリンク) and Kureo’s Black Sesame Banana Smoothie (呉緒の黒ごまバナナスムージー). You can also purchase Tokyo Ghoul goods like clear file folders, posters, and postcards at the cafe.

    I’m pretty sure Tokyo Ghoul fans are excited to visit this cafe once it opens because I am! So if ever you’re in Tokyo, make sure to head to Ikebukuro PARCO for an extremely awesome Tokyo Ghoul experience before it ends!

    Tokyo Ghoul Cafe Website *Japanese only

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