Want a Cute Panda Cake for Your Birthday? Here Are 3 Places to Get Them in Japan!

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  • Years ago, MILESTONE, the Western confectionery department within the long-established Japanese sweets brand, Fukuido (福井堂), began to sell 3D Panda Cakes. Basically, a panda cake is a shortcake shaped and decorated like a panda. Some TV shows picked up the cake as a trendy topic and it immediately caught many people’s attention. Back then, I was a teenager. I stared at the TV screen and wished to click the “purchase” button online.

    As time passed, I completely forgot about panda cakes. However, the other day, my mother brought a panda cake home for my birthday! To be honest, I expected a birthday cake, but not a panda cake! Apparently, she remembered my infatuation for panda cakes. I was so happy and danced a lot before I cut the cake into slices. Oh, what joy panda cakes can bring to a family! So in this article, I would like to share three places in Japan where you can get panda cakes.

    1. Pathisserie Les Halles, Asakusa View Hotel (浅草ビューホテル)


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    This fancy pastry shop is located on the ground floor of the Asakusa View Hotel. They sell three types of panda cakes: 3D Panda Large (7,500 yen), 3D Panda Small (2,500 yen), and Panda Cake (2,800 yen). Please note that you have to order the 3D Panda Cakes at least three days before the time you want to receive them. My mother bought a panda cake here. It was really pretty and delicious at the same time!

    You can eat Les Halles’ cakes at the lounge next to it – Lounge Mimosa. In addition to that, Mimosa serves coffee, tea, pancakes, bread, etc. If you feel tired after exploring Asakusa, why not have a luxurious coffee/tea break here? The atmosphere of this lounge is elegant, with tasteful chairs and tables. A set consisting of a drink and a piece of cake is around 1,300 yen.

    *This shop is closed permanently.


    2. Panda Cafe, Asakusa

    Another cafe in Asakusa serves panda cakes! This cafe is very family-friendly. Parents can bring their small children (including babies) here and eat at ease. They have plenty of panda-related food that will entertain kids. The interior design of this cafe will also be fascinating to them. You can eat their Panda Cafe Original Cake (3,980 yen) at the cafe or take it home.

    Panda Cafe is just a minute walk away from Tawaramachi Station (田原町駅) on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (東京メトロ銀座線).

    Panda Cafe Website *Automatic translation available

    3. MILESTONE, Fukuido (Online)

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    * 『マイルストーン』. ☑️リトルパンダケーキ🐼 2052yen . . 福屋広島駅前店で開催中の「全国スイーツ物語」で目が合ってしまったー💕😀 . さっぱりとした手絞りクリームに、濃厚なチョコスポンジの組み合わせは食べやすく、期待以上に美味しかった🎶 . 次女が特に気に入ったようで、次の誕生日はこのパンダの大きいサイズのにしてと言っていた😋 . . #マイルストーン #リトルパンダケーキ #立体パンダケーキ #リトルパンダ #立体ケーキ #福井堂 #3dケーキ #福屋広島駅前店 #全国スイーツ物語 #岡山スイーツ #岡山菓子店 #岡山ケーキ #ケーキ #パンダケーキ #かわいいケーキ

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    Of course, I cannot forget to mention the origin (supposedly) of panda cakes in Japan. As I mentioned in the introduction, MILESTONE is the Western confectionery department of Fukuido.

    MILESTONE’s 3D Panda Cake has been popular since its emergence. Although there are some Fukuido retail shops, purchasing through their online shop (Japanese only) is the easiest way to get this cake! It will be delivered frozen.

    One large 3D Panda Cake costs 8,208 yen. There are smaller sizes which are more practical and different designs, too. The funny one is “Danpa,” a 3D Panda Cake with reversed black and white colored creams.

    I am sure there are millions of panda-shaped cakes in Japan. In Ueno (上野), for example, you will find loads of panda-related sweets and desserts. However, there are not so many outstanding panda cakes. To celebrate the birthdays of those who are significant in your life, it might be a good idea to surprise them with panda cakes from the three places above.

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