9 Stunning Hotels and Ryokan in Hiroshima for Your 2019 Holiday to Japan!

  • Hiroshima prefecture (広島県) is a diverse region home to a myriad of greenery and mountains, beautiful coastline and the unmissable Hiroshima City. Whether you’d like a city trip to pay your respects at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park (広島平和記念公園) which commemorates the victims of the atomic bombing in 1945 or you’d like to discover the surrounding nature including the much celebrated Miyajima (宮島) Island, you’ll never be short of things to do in this region.

    When you’re looking for the best quality hotels around Japan, a trustworthy source is essential which is why we’ve created a list of the top 10 hotels in Hiroshima with help from the reputable members’ site Relux. Not only are these hotels and ryokan (旅館) some of the most photogenic places around Hiroshima prefecture with their beautiful designs but they are also guaranteed to make your stay ideal with impeccable service, incredible cleanliness and all the amenities you could need with special extras including outdoor spas, mouthwatering cuisine, and stunning views.

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    1. Garden Inn Sekitei


    The Garden Inn Sekitei (庭園の宿 石亭) is its own compact Japanese paradise just a stone’s throw from the stunning Seto (瀬戸) coastline. Around one hour outside of Hiroshima City, this traditional ryokan is set in the luscious hills with a view over the Seto sea and the nearby Miyajima Island, which is home to the unmissable Itsukushima Shrine (厳島神社).


    The hotel’s 12 traditional Japanese rooms all look onto the property’s central gardens which are home to beautifully sculpted plants, trickling streams and hot springs. Spend your evenings feasting on the hotel restaurant’s delicious seasonal cuisine which is included in your stay and enjoying the indoor and outdoor spas whose water comes from the famous Miyahama (宮浜) Hot Spring which is known for healing bad circulation.

    If you’re set on having access to a private outdoor bath with real natural spring water, be sure to book the An An (安庵) room which offers a connecting natural water bath.

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    2. Migiwa tei Ochi-Kochi


    Migiwa tei Ochi-Kochi (汀邸 遠音近音) is tucked away in Tomo (鞆), a small and tranquil seaside town. The fun word ochi-kochi translates as “you hear ancient stories everywhere” which reminds us of the area’s history and sets the theme for this traditional hotel. The hotel’s melange of Japanese and western style rooms offer a good choice of stay while the kaiseki (会席) several-course dinner found at the hotel restaurant is absolutely unmissable thanks to its fresh seafood and local ingredients.


    Each room has its own private outdoor hot spring which looks onto the neighbouring Seto sea. Guests also have access to a large outdoor spa which can be hired out for private use for up to 45 minutes. On top of this, there is also a beauty spa where you will find several treatments.

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    3. Takemuraya Honkan

    First established in 1903 as a western restaurant, Takemuraya Honkan (竹村家本館) is now a popular traditional ryokan which can be found next to the Onomichi Suidou (尾道水道), not far from the renowned Shimanami Kaido (しまなみ海道). A Registered Tangible Cultural Property, this hotel’s impeccable reputation and beautiful wooden architecture has seen it mentioned in novels and movies.

    With just five guest rooms on offer, Takemuraya Honkan promises a good dose of peace and quiet as well as the staff’s full attention and time. Enjoy a menu that changes with seasons as well as beautiful tableware while you savour a local Setouchi (瀬戸内) (Seto Sea) dinner.

    Unlike many public baths, the hotel’s baths can be reserved and used as a mixed gender spa.

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    4. Iwaso in Miya Island

    Opened in 1854, Iwaso in Miya Island (みやじまの宿 岩惣) is found in the Momiji-dani (紅葉谷) Valley, a beautiful valley brimming with towering maple trees and trickling streams. The hotel is made up of three separate villas that display flawless Japanese architecture which hides immaculate traditional Japanese rooms with tatami (畳) flooring, low tables and beautiful views of the surrounding nature.

    Connect with nature in an outdoor spa with the hot spring water coming directly from the renowned Wakamiya Hot Spring (若宮温泉). This experience is made even more special by the chance of a sighting of wild deer roaming the area.

    The hotel’s kaiseki multi-course dining experience is otherworldly with a theme of the Seto Ocean and Sanyo (山陽) mountains to give you a real taste of the local area.

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    5. Tomonoura Onsen Hotel Ofutei

    Tomonoura (鞆の浦) is a seaside port city and with this one-of-a-kind onsen hotel overlooking the town of Tomonoura and the Seto Sea you’ll instantly understand its charm. After its recent renovation in March 2017, Tomonoura Onsen Hotel Ofutei (ホテル鴎風亭) is more unique and sophisticated than ever with its rooms that offer adjoining spas looking onto the sea, offering both smoking and non-smoking floors.

    Tomonoura Onsen Hotel Ofutei benefits from the sea at its doorstep with its cuisine with a menu brimming with beautifully presented courses of sashimi (刺身) and seasonal kaiseki dishes.

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    6. Setouchi: The Gateway to the Sea (せとうち 湊のやど)


    Settled peacefully along the coast of the Seto Inland Sea lie two traditional Japanese villas available to rent out at any time of year. Both beautiful to look at from the inside and out, the first of the houses Shimazuitei Mansion (島居邸) boasts pretty round windows and earth colour walls, while Izumo Mansion (出雲屋敷) is made from a white mud plastering reminiscent of the Edo era (江戸時代).


    Both houses provide you with everything you’ll need including comfortable beds in Japanese style rooms, a kitchen with all the utensils and a dining area that gives you a real taste of quintessential Japan.

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    7. Miyajima Grand Hotel Arimoto

    One of Hiroshima prefecture’s pride and joys is Miyajima Island, which countless excitable visitors catch the ferry over to in order to get a look at the island’s impressive Itsukushima Shrine in the sea, admire the shrines and temples in a beautiful natural setting and to snack away on the island’s delicious gastronomy. While most people just visit for a day trip, staying at the formidable Miyajima Grand Hotel Arimoto (宮島グランドホテル有もと) is the most authentic way of experiencing the ideal.

    Along with unbeatable views of the surrounding nature and sea, the hotel is home to peaceful outdoor hot springs and a cafe lounge.

    Seafood fans, rejoice! With the abundance of oysters, eel and sea bream surrounding the area the hotel’s cuisine is the crème de la crème.

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    8. Oriental Hotel Hiroshima

    Found on Heiwa Odori (平和大通り), the main drag through Hiroshima, Oriental Hotel Hiroshima (オリエンタルホテル広島) is in easy reach of a number of sights, shopping areas and eateries, including Okonomi-mura (お好み村). The rooms are all bright and open but for the best night views and stylish designs, opt for a room on the executive floors.

    A view over Hiroshima can also be appreciated from the bathroom as well as from the hotel’s French restaurant. Enjoy your breakfast buffet-style with Japanese and western dishes.

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    9. Nishiyama Bekkan

    Nishiyama Bekkan (西山別館) is a traditional ryokan in Onomichi (尾道) that has been around since 1943. No ordinary hotel, you will feel the sense of creativity in the air which has drawn previous guests including poets and writers as an inspiring place to stay in a breathtaking setting. One of the hotel’s main draws is its Wara no ie (藁の家) room which has even housed the Japanese Prime Minister thanks to its traditional Japanese style with its quaint straw roof.

    The traditional Japanese rooms look onto the nearby sea while the hotel’s garden and the hot baths can be enjoyed from both inside and outside.

    The restaurant boasts a colourful menu brimming with fresh seafood and sea bream, which the area is famous for. If you’d rather eat in private, have your dinner brought to your room for a real comfortable but classy evening.

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    Make your trip to Hiroshima unforgettable by letting yourself truly relax at one of Relux’s picks of the finest hotels and ryokan in the area. However long you’re planning to stay, you’re sure to recuperate in the safe hands of the staff at any of these nine lodgings.

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