Into All Kinds of Toys? The International Tokyo Toy Show Is Perfect for You!

  • Just like any other country, Japan started with traditional toys. These are folk toys reflecting each region’s custom, history, and legend. Later on, modern toys emerged. The toy industry grew rapidly due to the country’s strict quality verification system. Although the number of children in Japan is rapidly decreasing, Japanese toys continue to maintain a high level of competitiveness. If you’d like to know more about the development of the country’s toy industry, you can join the International Tokyo Toy Show 2017 (東京おもちゃショー2017) at Tokyo Big Sight (東京ビッグサイト) this coming June 1 to 4, 2017!

    International Tokyo Toy Show

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    The International Tokyo Toy Show has existed in Japan since 1962. It is considered the most important toy fair in the country as well as the biggest toy trade show. It also serves as a significant meeting point for all toy industries around the world. Over time, it took various forms and different names.

    The event follows the motto of “EnterTOYment – toys make the world smile.” It is divided into two parts: the first two days are only for buyers or trade visitors, while the last two days are opened to the end consumers or the public.

    The International Tokyo Toy Show 2016 took place at Tokyo Big Sight, the number one convention center and trade show venue in Japan. It was attended by 160 exhibitors who presented a total of 35,000 toys and games.

    About the Upcoming Event

    This coming June 1 to 4, 2017, the International Tokyo Toy Show 2017 will take place at the same venue (East Exhibition Hall 1, 2, and 3). It is organized by the Japan Toy Association (日本玩具協会) and co-organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. There will be plenty of booths and exhibitions on the latest toys at the event. There will also be a stage full of entertainment for kids and a kids’ park with plenty of activities. Visitors will also be able to witness the appearances of popular toy characters.

    During the buyer’s days, only visitors for business purposes will be admitted. Students and children will not be admitted and must stay outside the hall. They will only be admitted during the last two days. During public days, toy shows and workshops for both parents and children will also be available. This will ensure all people of all ages and nationality to enjoy the fun.

    If you are a visitor from abroad, you may gain admittance to the International Tokyo Toy Show event by filling out this invitation form here.

    If you’d like to pre-confirm your admission, you may contact the Japan Toy Association and they will give you a confirmation number. If you’d be joining the event for consecutive days, here are some recommended hotels for you to try: Hilton Tokyo Odaiba (ヒルトン東京お台場), Hotel Sunroute Ariake (ホテルサンルート有明), Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel (東京ベイ有明ワシントンホテル), Ginza Capital Hotel (銀座キャピタルホテル), Ginza Creston (銀座クレストン), Royal Park Hotel (ロイヤルパークホテル), and many more!

    If you’re a fan of different toys and games, the International Tokyo Toy Show 2017 may just be the right event for you to attend. The admission is free, thus you can come along with your family and friends.

    International Tokyo Toy Show 2017 Website

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