Try Green Tea Gelato Covered in Gold in Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture This Summer!

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  • Uji (宇治) is a small city in Kyoto (京都) highly popular for producing high-quality powdered green tea. It is one of the biggest tea producers in Japan. But did you know that there is another top tea-producing area closer to the capital city? Around 40% of Japan’s cultivated tea areas lie in the picturesque fields of Shizuoka Prefecture (静岡県). Interestingly, a famous tea producer in this area, Oyaizu Seicha (おやいづ製茶), is offering a spectacular treat to its customers right now – a range of high-quality matcha gelato covered in gold leaf (金箔)! Learn more about it below.

    About Oyaizu Seicha

    Oyaizu Seicha is a green tea manufacturing company located in Shizuoka, Japan. Their green tea leaves are particularly produced from the areas of Honyama (本山) and Kawane (川根). They are processed in the factory and sold in bags to customers. Since green tea leaves are bitter, the company deep steams them in order to lessen the bitterness. This brings out a sweet and creamy taste.

    Oyaizu Seicha follows the motto, “To provide GOOD TASTE and HEALTH for you.” They produce quality green tea that can be shared to many people with the use of the latest equipment. As of now, the company is also manufacturing and selling confectionery.

    The Gold Leaf Matcha Gelato Dessert

    Gold ice cream cones started becoming popular in Japan in 2016, and this sweet treat is getting huge again these days. The gold leaf is said to have been originally produced in Kanazawa (金沢), the city that produces 98% of Japan’s decorative gold leaf.

    Recently, Oyaizu Seicha started producing a range of high-quality gelato in different flavors. Green tea and fresh ingredients are used in creating them and they are finished off with a layer of gold leaf. The gold leaf is edible but has no taste.

    It is said that the gold leaf used in the gelato is real gold. The company believes that eating gold will give you a comfortable feeling. It is also believed to vitalize the left brain and is good for the heart.

    Owing to their aesthetic appeal, these gold leaf gelato treats immediately became popular on social media. One gold leaf gelato costs 900 yen. As of the moment, the “Classic Strong Matcha” is its most popular flavor.

    The craftsmanship of Japanese people extends all the way to their desserts and the gold leaf matcha gelato is a great example of this. It allows people to experience a luxurious way of eating soft serve ice cream and adds a little fun to the normal way of eating frozen desserts. This is a trend that green tea lovers will surely enjoy and one you should definitely check out!

    Oyaizu Seicha Website

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