Traditional Japanese shopping mall in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

  • The best shopping mall to experience Japan in

    As you know, Tokyo is a really big city and there are thousands of shopping malls. My recommendation is Coredo-Muromachi, which is located in Nihonbashi. Coredo-Muromachi has a lot of Japanese traditional shops such as chopstick shops, Dashi (Japanese cooking stock) shops and many restaurants that you can eat traditional and typical Japanese food at. I want to tell you about the things to do in Coredo-Muromachi, and I bet it is gonna be the best place to get Japanese traditional stuff at!

    Authentic Japanese look!

    Coredo Muromachi is located in front of Mitsukoshimae station in Tokyo. As you can see in the photo above, the mall is huge. The mall is made to look like a Japanese traditional town. These days, the traditional streets like that in the photo are getting more difficult to find. However, it is not the case with this mall.

    Hakuza Nihonbashi

    Hausa Nihonbashi is a gold leaf expert shop. In this shop, you can see not only plates or glasses, but also hand creams with gold, bags, and even candies! These things are quite expensive, but it is worth getting. You will see how good Japanese gold technique is and you will certainly find something special for yourself!


    Hashinga is a chopstick shop in Coredo Muromachi. As you will see, there are thousands of chopsticks to choose from! There are many kinds from the cheaper ones to more expensive! I bet you can find a pair of chopsticks of your dream! Enjoy eating with your own chopsticks!


    This is a Dashi shop. Dashi is one of Japanese traditional cooking stock used in many thing such as soup. Dashi is made from fish and there are various flavors depending on the kind of fish. I think it is really tasty! You can try different kinds of Dashi soup in Dashi-ba!

    Here, I told you about Coredo Muromachi. I only picked some shops that I strongly recommend, but there are many other interesting shops! You should visit there when you are in Japan, and I bet you will find some good gifts and items for yourself or to bring back for friends and family!

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