Summer Is Coming! Try the Newest Seasonal Cheese Tart Flavors From PABLO!

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  • Summer is fast approaching in Japan and with the rainy season now passing by, it’s only just a matter of days before we get to feel the real summer heat! Now, what’s a good thing to do when summer comes?

    Aside from hitting the beach and getting a tan, a nice slice of refreshing seasonal treats might be a good choice for a change. Luckily, the popular specialty cheese tart shop, PABLO (パブロ), has just what we need to make it happen!

    1. Hakuto to Yogurt Cream no Cheese Tart (白桃とヨーグルトクリームのチーズタルト)

    PABLO will be bringing out its newest seasonal tart, Hakuto to Yogurt Cream no Cheese Tart (White Peach and Yogurt Cream Cheese Tart), for a limited time starting from June 1 until June 30, 2017! Ready for the seasonal harvest, white peaches in Japan are large and juicy, and will surely bring a refreshing taste fit for the summer season.

    The cheese tart is made of layered white peach jam and yogurt cream, topped off with beautifully arranged sweet and juicy white peaches that look just like petals, and a bit of pistachio as a finishing touch. These 15-centimeter tarts will be sold for 2,000 yen each inclusive of tax.

    PABLO Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    2. PABLO mini Tappuri Peach (PABLO mini-たっぷりピーチ)

    Another seasonal tart, the Tappuri Peach (Peach Overload) will only be available at all PABLO mini branches from June 1 until July 31, 2017.

    These palm-size cheese tarts have a bittersweet taste to them which perfectly matches the cheese, and are fully topped with peaches as the name suggests. You can also give them as a gift to friends or family perfect for the summer! The PABLO mini Tappuri Peach costs 300 yen each inclusive of tax.

    PABLO mini Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    3. PABLO mini Oita no Kabosu (PABLO mini-大分のかぼす)

    Aside from the two above, the PABLO mini branch in Amu Plaza Oita (アミュプラザ大分) will also be bringing out the PABLO mini Oita no Kabosu (Oita’s Kabosu Citrus), which is limited to that branch only as part of their new grand menu. Kabosu is a citrus fruit that is related to yuzu (柚子), and there’s a lot of it in Oita but is rather rare in other parts of the country.

    The combination of the cheese and the refreshing scent of the kabosu citrus fruit, along with its slight acidity, will give a mild sweetness that will spread inside your mouth. The PABLO mini Oita no Kabosu costs 300 yen each inclusive of tax.

    For those of you in Oita or those who will be visiting, make sure to check this limited tart out! Who knows, it may end up becoming a local delicacy someday!

    PABLO mini Amu Plaza Oita Access

    PABLO is a cheese tart shop not only popular in Japan but as well as in other countries where it has expanded to. June officially marks the start of the new season here in Japan and PABLO will surely be giving its consumers a new seasonal favorite. However, chances are these may sell out quickly so if you plan to try these treats out, make sure to head down to your nearest PABLO branches early. Have a refreshing summer with these treats!

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