Craving Sweets? Check Out This American Dessert Buffet in Yokohama!

  • SOMERHOUSE (ソマーハウス) is a lounge located on the second floor of the Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu (横浜ベイホテル東急). You can have brunch, lunch, tea, and a few drinks at SOMERHOUSE depending on the time of day, and there are some stunning views of Yokohama Bay and the large Ferris wheel, all while relaxing on comfortable sofa seats.

    In June 2017, SOMERHOUSE is hosting a special event where not only can you enjoy the beautiful views of Yohokama Bay, but also sample delicious desserts at the SOMERHOUSE special buffet, “Sweet Journey (スィートジャーニー)”.

    Sweet Journey

    いよいよご予約スタートしました!6月のナイト・デザートブッフェ「スイートジャーニー」テーマ“USA”。クルミたっぷりのチョコレートブラウニーや可愛らしいカップケーキなどをご用意しました。ご予約はお早めに! #横浜ベイホテル東急 #yokohamabayhoteltokyu #ベイホテル東急 #横浜 #yokohama #みなとみらい21 #みなとみらい #ソマーハウス #ラウンジ #デザートブッフェ #ナイトデザートブッフェ #デザートビュッフェ #スイートジャーニー #スイーツジャーニー #食べ放題 #カップケーキ #ブラウニー #チョコクッキー

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    The Yokohama Bay Hotel is located on the waterfront of Yokohama Bay, as the name suggests, and is within Queen’s Square Yokohama (クイーンズスクエア横浜), the home to many offices, concert halls, and department stores. “Sweet Journey” is an evening dessert buffet where you can gaze upon beautiful views of the Yokohama nightscape, including its famous Ferris wheel while eating a wide range of sweets. This time, the desserts are themed around the USA. As the theme of June is “USA”, there are desserts that are sure to be familiar to anyone who has ever been to the United States.

    The wide range of desserts include things such as rich, walnut-filled chocolate brownies, muffins brightly decorated with buttercream in the shape of cupcakes, classic homemade style cookies, and other treats such as pies and tarts. Each USA-themed dessert is arranged in the SOMERHOUSE fashion. While some people might be unsure about the extremely sweet American desserts, the ones at the buffet in SOMERHOUSE are arranged to cater towards a more adult customer range, meaning that they are more subtle and not overly sweet desserts.

    Sweets and desserts aren’t the only kind of food that will be available at this buffet. As well as approximately ten types of cakes and five types of glass desserts such as mousses, there will be a soup of the day, antipasto, bread, salad, and Japanese-style porridge. Because of the items other than desserts, you can enjoy a full meal here so make sure your stomach is empty before you walk in!

    Special Features

    The “action corner” is always interesting to check out as they will be making desserts in an open kitchen so you can watch the chef create your dessert right in front of your eyes. The dessert for the “action corner” for June is a “frozen s’more”, a scoop of ice cream mixed with bananas and Crunky’s chocolate, wrapped in marshmallows and roasted.

    There will be an all-you-can-drink bar with coffee, tea, herbal tea, iced coffee and iced tea to accompany your desserts. On top of the normal drink bar, for those of you above 20 years old, there will also be a free flow bar of sparkling wine, red wine, and white wine available for you to enjoy along with your desserts. I personally prefer red wine along with sweet items as the subtle tang or spice of the red wine contrasts the sweetness in the desserts perfectly.

    Reservations are filling up fast, so be sure to book a place at the website below (Japanese only). Why not visit the romantic atmosphere of the Yokohama Bay Area while enjoying a wide range of American-themed desserts? You are sure to fall in love with the variety of items available and the view from the 2nd floor of the Yokohama Bay Hotel!

    Sweet Journey event website *Japanese only