Experience a Starry Night and the Milky Way in Tokyo Tower This Summer 2017!

  • Tokyo Tower (東京タワー) is no doubt one of the many popular places to visit when in Tokyo (東京). It may not be as tall as Tokyo SkyTree (スカイツリー), but it still serves as one of the main structures to represent Japan’s capital city. Not only does Tokyo Tower light up, but it also changes colors according to the season. In summer, there’s one thing that you surely wouldn’t want to miss at Tokyo Tower. Why not experience a beautiful starry night right in Tokyo Tower with the Milky Way Illumination event?

    About Tokyo Tower

    Tokyo Tower, located in Shiba Koen (芝公園) district of Minato (港区), Tokyo, is a communications tower that is set up with commercial facilities and an observatory. Tokyo Tower stands at 333 meters high and it is taller than its model, the Eiffel Tower, by nine meters. It was once the tallest structure in all of Japan until it was surpassed by the now tallest Tokyo SkyTree when it was completed in 2012.

    Seasonal events often take place in Tokyo Tower and at the same time, its color changes depending on the season. During summer, there’s one event that takes every visitor to a beautiful starry night experience turning the interior of the tower into what is like the Milky Way.

    Milky Way Illumination 2017

    The Amanogawa Illumination (天の川イルミネーション), or Milky Way Illumination in English, is a yearly event that takes place in Tokyo Tower during the summer season. The Milky Way Illumination 2017 is from June 1st until September 3rd, for a duration of three months and the whole summer!

    The 150m stretch of the observatory’s first floor will be filled with white and blue LED lights, making the interior look like the Milky Way itself. Aside from that, the stairs outside the tower connecting the ground and the observatory will be decorated and will be open to the public.

    The staircase is normally only open during weekends and holidays from 11:00am to 4:00pm, but for the duration of the Milky Way Illumination, it will be open for a special night’s experience from 5:00pm to 10:00pm on weekdays and 11:00am to 10:00pm on weekends and holidays. The entrance fee to the observatory is 900 yen for high school students and above, 500 yen for junior high school students, and 400 yen for kids ages four and over.

    The Milky Way Illumination will surely be a romantic summer experience enveloping the Tanabata Star Festival (七夕) and the story of Orihime and Hikoboshi (織姫と彦星). There will also be a light up ceremony taking place on June 1st at the 1st floor of the observatory, so if you ever get the chance make sure to join in the event’s countdown as well!

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