Try French Toast and a Special Summer Menu at This Restaurant in Japan!

  • Do you like French toast? To some, it is either too sweet or too squishy from the maple syrup soaked into the bread and so they usually opt for pancakes or waffles instead. But did you know there are many kinds of French toast, some of which have had their recipes perfected over the years to find a balance of sweetness and texture?

    If you want to try some of the best French toast in Japan, it is highly recommended that you visit Ivorish (アイボリッシュ), especially with their new limited edition summer menu that came out in June 2017!

    French Toast

    French toast, as the name suggests, originated in France and used to be referred to as pain perdu, which roughly translates to “lost bread”. Originally, it was a way to eat hardened bread by soaking it in milk and egg and then frying it in butter. Because it is a means to reuse slightly old bread, most bakeries use leftover pieces of bread to make French toast.

    At Ivorish, they have created bread just for French toast, which maximizes the flavor and texture of each ingredient. The bakers there spent more than half a year perfecting the recipe for these special buns.

    Although they are not too special if they are eaten normally, once these buns are turned into French toast, they run circles around any other kind of toast in terms of its exquisite softness, texture, and fragrance. The batter is concocted meticulously out of eggs, milk, sugar, and vanilla essence to match the bread. Once both sides are fried, the exterior is caramelized with maple syrup to give it an extra layer of texture. The name of the store comes from “ivory”, the color of French toast, and the word “cherish”, as a show of the store’s motto to create a pleasurable experience where the customers can cherish their time surrounded by delicious scents and flavors.

    Ivorish’s New Menu

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    For the summer 2017 season, Ivorish is adding a new line of items to their menu. Replacing their original French toast bread, there will be a new kind of bread being used from this summer season that is going to be crispy and even more soft and fluffy than the last bread.

    The most popular menu among all of the Ivorish locations throughout Japan are the menus using their specialty blueberry cream cheese. One of the new items on the summer menu is going to be the Blueberry Frangelico (ブルーベリーフランジェリコ) at 1800 yen, which is blueberry cream cheese sandwiched between their specialty french toast slices, topped with pieces of rosemary and a fragrant and sweet frangelico sauce. Frangelico sauce is made using hazelnut liquor and perfect for bringing out the wonderful fragrances of each of the ingredients.

    The Blueberry Frangelico, along with the Pain-Pudding Peach Tea (パンプディング ピーチティー), Corned Beef Benedict (コンビーフベネディクト), and Loco Moco French Toast (ロコモコ フレンチトースト) will be available at all Ivorish locations starting June 1st 2017. There is also a dish in the Shibuya (渋谷) location limited edition menu called the Brekky Yogurt (ブレッキーヨーグルト), which is slices of French toast with crispy cornflakes, a yogurt pannacotta, and milk ice cream topped with some berries and a berry sauce.

    The Pain-Pudding Peach Tea is a platter of French toast cut into pieces with a tea flavored cheese pudding topped with peach slices and whipped cream. These platter dishes are an interesting take on French toast and a specialty menu that you can only enjoy at Ivorish.

    There are three locations around Japan: the flagship store in Fukuoka (福岡), one in Shibuya, Tokyo (東京) and one other in Kanagawa (神奈川), Ebina (海老名). If you are looking for a new French toast experience, look no further than Ivorish! Make sure to try out their new summer menu items before they’re gone for good!

    Ivorish website

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here

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