4 Beaches Near Tokyo You Should Visit in Summer For Sun, Sand, and Sea

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  • Tokyo (東京) is one of the most crowded and busiest cities in Japan. Companies build businesses there, and working people flock from neighboring prefectures to work in the city, making it a “salaryman”, or businessperson metropolis.

    Due to this, Tokyo’s landscape has been designed to properly cope with its busy nature while holding onto its history and culture. On one hand, you can see many train stations and high-rise buildings; on the other hand, there are temples, parks filled with trees, and shrines. One may say that Tokyo has that great attempt to balance out modernization with nature and its traditional culture.

    However, one thing that is hard to have and achieve in Tokyo due to its geographic location would be a beach. Fortunately, there are wonderful beaches that are just two hours or less by local train from Tokyo. Now that summer is here, let’s see some of these great places within reach from Tokyo where we can enjoy the sun, sand, and sea!

    1. Kamakura (鎌倉) Beaches

    The closest beach would probably be Kamakura’s seashore. From Shibuya (渋谷), it takes approximately one hour to get there and a one-way ticket costs 610 yen. Kamakura’s seashore is divided into three coasts: Zaimokuza (材木座), Yuigahama (由比ガ浜), and Koshigoe (腰越). These three coasts are open to the public from July 1st to August 31st from 9:00am to 5:00am.

    Kamakura is quite popular because aside from the beach, it offers a lot of scenic views as well as interesting temples and shrines. It is indeed a must-visit, for there is a wide variety of activities in the area.

    Kamakura city website *Automatic translation available

    2. Zushi Beach (逗子海岸)

    Another popular spot for summer which is just an hour away from Shibuya would be Zushi Beach. If you’ve been to Zushi, you will definitely say that windsurfing is a must-try! Zushi has fewer waves but does have strong wind, which makes windsurfing a safe and fun activity for its visitors.

    The best part is that you can sometimes see Mt. Fuji (富士山) from this location. Indeed, the contrast of colorful parasols and sail quivers, blue sea, sky, and Mt. Fuji in the backdrop is a sight that you should try to see this summer!

    Zushi Beach website *Japanese only

    3. Isshiki Beach (一色海岸)

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    Kamakura and Zushi tend to be crowded due to their popularity, especially on weekends. If you are in Zushi and willing to spend another 20 minutes on a bus ride for a less crowded and more relaxing experience, then Isshiki Beach in Hayama (葉山) is the best place for you!

    The water at this beach is very clear and it gets really warm from July onwards. It is an ideal place for people who want to enjoy private and quality time. Please keep in mind that this is a sandy beach and the waves are not very strong, which doesn’t make it suitable for windsurfing.

    Isshiki Beach website *Automatic translation available

    4. Morito Beach (森戸海岸)

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    The first three beaches mentioned are ideal spots for friends to hang out with. However, if you are traveling with your family or with small children, an excellent alternative for you is Morito Beach.

    From Shibuya, it takes approximately an hour and a half to get to this beach. It is very safe, the waves are small, and the beach is very clean. Also, compared to other beaches, you will not see any birds trying to steal food from your picnic area. It is definitely an ideal place to relax with your family.

    In the summer season, there are also temporary stalls nearby that offer crushed ice and other finger food. Lastly, at this beach, you will be able to see not only Mt. Fuji, but also Enoshima (江の島) Island and the Izu Peninsula coastline. Out of all the beaches mentioned above, in terms of scenic view, Morito Beach is definitely the best place to go!

    Morito Beach website *Automatic translation available

    These beaches are just two hours or less from Tokyo. If you are planning to go for a summer trip to Japan and want to go for a dip, windsurfing, or sunbathing, then it is better to plan your trip ahead and decide which among these nearby beaches will satisfy your craving for sun, sand, and sea! You don’t have to worry and spend so much money for bullet train for these beaches are definitely safe, beautiful, and pocket-friendly destinations.

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