5 Most Interactive Zoos in Japan

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  • For families with young kids, visiting Japan for temples, shrines and landscapes is never enough. Bring your kids to Japan’s many parks and zoos for your little ones to enjoy. Take note of these five most interactive zoos in Japan and why don’t you bring your kids to one of them for a more enjoyable and educational Japan experience.

    1. Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

    The Sea Paradise is a combo of amusement park and sea animals zoo in a small offshore island in the center of Yokohama. With its exciting rides and thundering roller coaster, it is a place where teens and young adults can really enjoy. But parents with small children need not fret because the zoo part of the park is very much fun as well. There is a large aquarium museum, a theater where see mammals perform, dolphin aquariums, a place where you can go fishing and the best part of sea paradise is the Fureal Lagoon where you can get a chance to touch the sea creatures.


    2. Asahiyama Zoo

    The best time to visit the zoo is during winter where you get the chance to see penguins up close. What makes the zoo amazing is that they present their penguins in a parade. Actually, this is not just for presentation but it is actually the penguin’s exercise. Those cute creatures are just about a foot away from you marching like little soldiers impressing the crowd. The park also has tube aquariums, Trapeze for the monkeys and a polar bear aquarium. You will be impressed on how the park makes their animal’s shelter as natural as possible.


    3. Nagasaki Bio Park

    If you are around visiting Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the Nagasaki Bio Park is a must-visit place for families with kids for they let you feed the exotic animals. The animals roam freely and you get to pet and feed them. Once you are there, you wouldn’t believe you get to feed lemurs, kangaroos and some other animals you only get to see in pictures or in a caged zoo. Just do not forget to bring the lot of 100 yen coins to buy animal foods.


    4. Kakegawa Kachoen Park

    Though the park does not get much press in the tour books, it is a must visit place in the Shizuoka Prefecture. The Ueno Zoo in Tokyo pales in comparison to this park for this park’s birds literally flocks towards you if they see you with food. It is quite enchanting. You can have toucans on your arms, sparrows even on your head, feed penguins, and ducks up close, they will even go beyond their pond towards the visitors pathway just to get near you. You can even get to feed and even hug large birds such as ostrich, Indeed, visiting the place will make you feel like snow white with her amazing capability of drawing animals near.


    5. Fuji Safari Park

    Last, but absolutely not the least, is the Fuji Safari Park. The park’s entrance includes a tour of the park using your own car with the windows down where you get to see animals up close. You may also feed animals such as lions and even bears, but you have to hop on the decorated bus with bars and grills for protection. It is a great place to have fun in the wild.
    You may not have heard much about Japan’s zoos, but they are a great place to spend the day with family. If you think they are boring? Being able to touch a toucan, pet a dolphin or feed lions is anything but ordinary and boring.


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