Trouble Waking up in the Morning? Check This Unique Wake-Up Call Service in Japan!

  • Japanese people are generally always on time. They strive to go to school or work early. However, this may not be the case all the time, especially for those who have a hard time waking up in the morning. Some people tend to hit the snooze button every time their phone alarms ring or accidentally switches it off, which leads to them oversleeping. To prevent this from happening, Fisherman Call was launched. With this service, a fisherman will actually be waking you up in the morning by calling you from the deck of their vessels. It is their job to help you get up no matter how early it is. Let’s find out more about it!

    How tough can waking up in the morning be?

    In one way or another, everyone has experienced battling with waking up early in the morning. In the metropolitan area of Tokyo (東京), it is quite common for people to have sleep deprivation. Most of the time, you will see people sleeping in trains.

    It is said that Japan is one of the few countries that sleep later during Friday evenings than Saturday evenings. People approximately sleep at 12:20 AM every single day. They do get extra time to sleep on Sundays, but this gives them a hard time waking up in the morning during weekdays. They follow this sleep pattern regardless of seasonal changes. Most people wake up at 5:00 in the morning. They need to get up as early as possible as everyone knows how crazy busy morning commutes in Japan can get.

    The Fisherman Call

    The Fisherman Call is the world’s first wake-up call service by fishermen. The service ensures a human element in helping someone wake up which machines cannot do.

    If you are interested in a fisherman’s call of your own, all you have to do is to go to their website and find the list of available fishermen. Each fisherman comes with a photo, a voice sample, and a schedule. What’s great about this is that the voice is not pre-recorded, which means the fisherman will actually be calling you from the deck of their vessels. Some of them wake up as early as 2:00 AM. At this time, they make their way to the harbor and head for the open water.

    Once you access the site, you’ll need to scroll and drag down as if you’re using a smartphone. You can check the fisherman you like and agree with the terms. After that, you’ll be entering the date and time which you’d like to avail the wake-up call service as well as your phone number. The form even has a box for additional messages regarding your day. If you feel frustrated or have troubles weighing you down, you are free to tell them. The fisherman you’ve chosen might just be able to give you some advice.

    If you ever have trouble waking up early in the morning or have an oversleeping problem, you can count on the Fisherman Call. They are absolutely going to be up before you and call you on your scheduled time. With this service, never again will you miss an important appointment or meeting in the morning because of accidental oversleeping.

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