Try These Special ”Fragrance” Cakes in Osaka to Stimulate Your Senses!

  • There is a boutique located in Osaka (大阪) that sells the beautiful and delicious creations of patisserie owner Seiichiro Nishizono (西園誠一郎). All of the sweets here are focused on their fragrance, as many say that smell is the sense that embeds itself the deepest in the human memory. The sweets from Seiichiro,NISHIZONO are appealing to the eye as well as to your taste buds and sense of smell.


    Located near Higobashi (肥後橋) in Osaka, Seiichiro,NISHIZONO is constantly producing a stream of confections created by Seiichiro Nishizono himself. The boutique stands among the office district that is Higobashi, and is located right in front of Nishisenba Park (西船場公園).

    Nishizono spends more than half of his time flying around the world looking for new fragrances and ingredients to provide a unique experience through smell. Nishizono’s interest in cakes began in his late high school days after watching a TV program featuring a patisserie whose shop he had frequently visited. After entering a baking school, he became more and more interested in the ever-changing nature of cakes according to the minute balance between the ingredients.

    The Dramatique

    The Dramatique is a cake that is based on the concept of an “unexpected meeting”. The cake combines framboise (raspberry) and chestnut. The white chocolate mousse coating has the fragrance of roses while the inner jelly has the distinct sourness of framboise.

    Nishizono has been creating this confection since his student days. Apparently, Nishizono was inspired by the rose based mont blanc (a chestnut based mousse-like cake) that he ate during his time studying abroad in France. Despite its pure white appearance, one bite into the Dramatique fills your sensors with the rose fragrance and is sure to become one creation that you will never be able to forget.

    Seasonal Items

    Each item available at the shop has a unique fragrance, personally created by Nishizono. Each cake makes you feel like you are actually eating whatever the fragrance is based on. In the spring, Nishizono creates the smells of blooming tree buds and mountainous herbs by soaking horsetail and the flower bud of a butterbur scape in oil, to create a fragrance that smells like “spring”.

    Nishizono creates approximately 12 new items every month, and this wide range of items available at Seiichiro,NISHIZONO is one of its main characteristics. Nishizono flies around both the world and Japan for half of the month to experience new views and smells and to find new ingredients. For example, when Nishizono visited Spain, he sensed an overall orange, olive and lemon smell throughout the cities, and then came back to create a citrus-smelling chocolate series.

    Although it would take forever to introduce all of Nishizono’s creations, along with the Dramatique, the financiers from Seiichiro,NISHIZONO are unique in that they change according to the season as they are actually made by replacing a portion of the butter with homemade aroma oil. As Nishizono creates his aroma oils according to the season, the financiers themselves end up smelling different at different times of throughout the year.

    If you have the chance to visit Seiichiro,NISHIZONO, be sure to check out their extensive lineup of ever-changing desserts! The delicious cakes and their unique fragrances are hard to say no to and even harder to forget.

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