Enjoy Delicious Hawaiian Food Overlooking Japan’s Largest Lake at This Restaurant

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  • Lake Biwa (琵琶湖) is the largest freshwater lake in Japan in terms of area and water volume. Located in Shiga Prefecture (滋賀県) in the Kinki region (近畿地方), looking at this lake is almost like looking at the ocean as it is so large you cannot see the other side. If you want to witness the beauty of the lake while enjoying food, there’s a restaurant on the shores of Lake Biwa which serves Hawaiian food.

    Rcafe at Marina

    Rcafe at Marina is a five-minute car drive from Biwako Ohashi’s (琵琶湖大橋) west end. The restaurant is located on the second floor of a yacht club building and the design of the building is made to resemble a Hawaiian variety goods store.

    With its bright mint green and white interior and the long panoramic window facing the shore, you can get a beautiful view of Lake Biwa, giving you a very tropical resort-like feel. If you can, make sure to grab a seat at the counter so that you can see the beauty of the lake unfold in front of your eyes.


    The chef at Rcafe at Marina has experience in making French cuisine, and the restaurant’s unique take on traditional Hawaiian menus is absolutely delicious and one of a kind.

    Omi Beef 100% Loco Moco

    One of their most popular menus is the tower loco moco with a 100% Omi beef (近江牛) patty. Omi beef is a kind of wagyu (和牛), or Japanese beef, that originated in Shiga Prefecture and is one of the top three wagyu brands in Japan alongside Kobe beef (神戸牛) and Matsusaka beef (松阪牛). The dish features a juicy Omi beef hamburger patty coated in a Japanese-style gravy sauce. If you order this during the lunch hours (11 AM to 3 PM), it will come as a set with a salad, drink, and soup.

    Marina Special Burger

    Another item on the menu that features Omi beef is their Marina Special Burger. This burger also has a large patty made from 100% Omi beef that is placed between buns with a sunny-side up egg and veggies. The plate comes with a salad, potato wedges, soup, and drink.

    For the set drinks, you can choose from coffee, tea, oolong tea, and a variety of fresh juices (orange, grapefruit, mango, guava, and pineapple).

    Hawaiian-Style Sweets

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    You can also enjoy a myriad of Hawaiian-style sweets at Rcafe at Marina. They have various types of French toasts and pancakes. For the French toast, you can choose between a slice of toast or a baguette. There are four types of French toasts: plain, Hawaiian, Berry & Berry, and the French toast of the month. Pancakes are also a staple item on the dessert menu of Hawaiian cuisine, and Rcafe offers three kinds of pancakes: plain, choco banana, and Berry & Berry.

    All-You-Can-Drink Plan

    Rcafe at Marina also has an all-you-can-drink plan. For two hours, you can enjoy an unlimited amount of their delicious drinks. You can choose from beer, wine (red and white), various cocktails, shochu (distilled spirits), and soft drinks.

    Apart from their in-cafe menus, Rcafe also offers group cruiser tours wherein you can rent a cruiser and enjoy a few hours barbecuing on the lake.

    If you want to enjoy a tropical Hawaiian getaway, make sure to visit Rcafe at Marina! The beautiful view of Lake Biwa and their delicious Hawaiian food is sure to brighten your mood and leave your stomach satisfied.

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