Witness the Beautiful City of Osaka Get Illuminated with Candles at This Event!

  • Watch one of the busiest areas in Osaka (大阪) light up with candles for two hours as buildings and business establishments around switch off their lights in an effort of creating environmental awareness and saving energy. The event is called “One Million People’s Candle Night @ Osaka City (100万人のキャンドルナイト @ OSAKA CITY)” and is organized by the Osaka City Nishi Umeda Night Executive Committee (オオサカシティ西梅田ナイト実行委員会) with the cooperation of various private business sectors and schools in the city. It will be happening on June 7, 2017, as part of the movement to promote a sustainable society.

    The colorful and artistic candles, paper bags, and other items that will be used during the event were created by individual volunteers, designers, and students from different schools. It is going to be a big event for a cause so don’t miss out. Here are some of the event highlights!

    1. Lights off for 2 hours

    Establishments in the Nishi-Umeda area will switch off their lights from 8 PM until 10 PM on June 7, 2017. These establishments include the Hilton Plaza (ヒルトンプラザ), Hilton Osaka (ヒルトン大阪), HERBIS PLAZA (ハービスプラザ), BREEZE BREEZE (ブリーゼブリーゼ), The Ritz-Carlton (ザ・リッツ・カールトン), and many more.

    2. Candle Corridor (キャンドル回廊)

    Walk along a corridor surrounded by beautiful and artistic candles made by artists, designers, and creative students from various schools in Osaka. If you want to see different kinds of beautifully designed candles, this is the best spot to go.

    3. Paper Bag Row Exhibition (ペーパーバッグ行燈展)

    Made by elementary school children and creators/designers, these beautiful paper bag lanterns will surprise and amaze you with the creativity put into them. They are inspired by Japanese paper lanterns from the ancient times. This exhibition will be put up at Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Osaka Umeda Building Front Square (明治安田生命大阪梅田ビル前広場) from 6 PM to 10 PM on June 7, 2017.

    4. Message Candle (メッセージキャンドル)

    Held at BREEZE BREEZE, Message Candle is one of the event highlights wherein visitors can participate. Candles in glasses of different colors and designs are available, and participants can draw or write their thoughts on them. There are only 500 pieces so it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

    This activity has two different parts. The first part, which is from 6 PM to 9 PM, is a “Draw and Decorate the Candles at the Venue” that has a participation fee of 200 yen per person. You are not allowed to take home the candles during this part. The second part, which is from 9 PM to 10 PM, will be the one where you can take home the candles you design. The participation fee for the second part is 300 yen. The proceeds from this activity will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

    5. Everyone’s One-Line Message (みんなの一行メッセージ)

    This highlight of the event allows visitors to post a 30-character message on the paper bag lanterns. From May 10 to June 2, 2017, anyone was allowed to submit their own messages through the website which will then be posted on the paper bag lanterns along HERBIS PLAZA Promenade (ハービスPLAZA プロムナード).

    6. Candle Night Food Cafe (キャンドルナイトフードカフェ)

    Candlelit dinner? Well, you can experience this at various restaurants and cafes in Nishi-Umeda. The participating establishments are The Ritz-Carlton Osaka, Cafe Boo Express (カフェ ブー エクスプレス), Cafe&Bar Oxygen, and MARGARET HOWELL SHOP & COFFEE.

    7. Candle Harmony

    Admire a sea of candles at Nishi-Umeda Park (西梅田公園) with this event highlight. It is organized by Candle June, a Japanese candle artist and decorator who launched the LOVE FOR NIPPON project to help the victims of the great earthquake in Japan that happened in March 2011.

    There will also be candles available for sale at the LOVE FOR NIPPON booth if you want to take part and help the organization’s cause.

    Take note that the event will be postponed to June 8, 2017, in case it rains on the 7th, or June 9, in case it also rains on the 8th.

    Wouldn’t it be so much more enjoyable and satisfying to participate in a meaningful event while you are traveling? I consider One Million People’s Candle Night @ Osaka City as one of a kind because not only will you get to enjoy the event, but you will also get to contribute something to the community. So if you’re traveling to Osaka and looking for interesting things to do in the city, visit Nishi-Umeda on June 7, 2017!

    One Million People’s Candle Night @ Osaka City Website *Japanese only

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