Welcome Summer With Limited-Edition Themed Accessories at This Event in Tokyo!

  • Atelier Senka (アトリエ染花) was opened in 1981 as a costume accessory shop. The corsages from Atelier Senka have been very popular amongst fashion designers in the industry as each one is hand-dyed and hand-crafted into a unique shape. The motto of the brand is to create flower decorations that are loved by people even when the colors fade after a time. Atelier Senka will be exhibiting their summer-based creations at an exhibition space in Omotesando (表参道). Why not welcome summer with some special themed accessories?

    Limited Summer-Themed Items

    Starting the 8th of June 2017, Atelier Senka will be opening a limited time shop and gallery at PASS THE BATON LITTLE PAVILION, a modern select recycle shop. This year’s theme is the “Fruit Flower Feast”. Each item on sale at PASS THE BATON is on display along with a photo of the previous owner, their profile, and a story about the item.

    The LITTLE PAVILION is located at PASS THE BATON OMOTESANDO, which is located in Omotesando Hills (表参道ヒルズ). LITTLE PAVILION is an exhibition space that has a collection of constant items as well as a series of limited time only collaboration shows.

    Fruit Flower Feast

    Under the theme of a “Fruit Flower Feast”, Atelier Senka will be showing works such as fruit accessories in the shapes of strawberries and cherries, glass bottles filled with vibrantly colored corsages, or hibiscus brooches. There also will be assortment boxes that are filled to the brim with colorful flower petals. All of the flower petals are from used stock so none of the flowers are wasted. Maybe you can celebrate the arrival of summer this year by adding an adorable summer themed flower decoration to your everyday outfit!

    There will also be works on re-display from Atelier Senka’s 35th anniversary exhibit which took place in 2016. In light of starting their 36th year, Atelier Senka has also begun a new collaboration with Asahi Kasei Corporation (旭化成株式会社) to use their cupra fiber, BembergR. BembergR is known for its distinct texture and shine, as well as its compatibility with color dyes, so Atelier Senka has picked up on the new kind of fiber as an ingredient for their handmade flower pieces.


    Through the establishment of this collaboration, Atelier Senka will also be hosting a workshop using the fiber BembergR to make flowers. These workshops will take place on June 10th, 17th, and 24th from 2:00pm to 6:00pm within the PASS THE BATON LITTLE PAVILION.

    The fee to participate is 2500 yen and you can just show up and join. The “Fruit Flower Feast” exhibit will be open from June 8th to July 2nd. If you are not in the area but still want to get your hands on some of the creations from Atelier Senka, you can visit their online store (Japanese only) to pick up some things from their newest collection. There are always seasonal items available such as corsages, necklaces, and earrings.

    You can celebrate the coming of summer through the summer-themed items both on display and available for sale at Atelier Senka. If you are visiting Japan, why not create your own flower art at the workshop as well?

    Atalier Senka website *Japanese only