Check Out These 7 Limited Silver Bell-Themed Items Available at Tokyo Station

  • The Silver Bell (銀の鈴) has been the symbol and meeting spot of Tokyo Station (東京駅) for 50 years. From an age when there were no cell phones, the Silver Bell has helped people come together for generations and has become a symbol for meetings and relationships.

    Silver Bell

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    The first bell was put up on June 10, 1968, making June 2018 the 50th anniversary of the bell. As 2017 is the countdown year towards its 50th anniversary, the third bell will be placed on display next to the current fourth bell – for the first time in approximately 10 years after it was replaced. It will be on display at the Silver Bell Plaza within Tokyo Station.

    In addition to the reappearance of the third generation Silver Bell, there will be a Silver Bell Fair (銀の鈴フェア) taking place at Tokyo Station beginning on June 1 and ending on June 18, 2017. There will be over 30 types of desserts and gifts modeled off of the bell available in stores around the station and here are seven of them!

    1. Fairycake Fair (フェアリーケーキフェア)

    Fairycake Fair is selling their Silver Bell Baked (東京銀の鈴ベイクド) cupcakes that feature cute and colorful bell decorations on top. There are five flavors available: vanilla, chestnut, matcha azuki bean (抹茶あずき), cafe noir, and fruit cake. The cupcakes from Fairycake Fair are preservative-free so you can enjoy these Silver Bell-shaped cupcakes without worrying too much about your health.

    Fairycake Fair Website

    2. Caffarel (カファレル)

    Caffarel, the 190-year-old Italian chocolate brand is bringing the Silver Bell with Caffarel (銀の鈴 with カファレル) to the Silver Bell Fair. This dessert is a bitter chocolate tart with a Silver Bell-shaped chocolate truffle placed on top. This item is also limited to 20 items a day so make sure to get there early to pick one up!

    Caffarel Website

    3. Tsukiji Takewaka (築地 竹若)

    This sushi (寿司) and seafood store is selling a silver and white-based seafood bowl that is shaped in the image of the Silver Bell. The types of fish it contains include red snapper, greater amberjack, fatty tuna, and salmon roe. This extremely extravagant sushi bowl is a must-try item!

    Tsukiji Takewaka Website

    4. Mameya Kanazawa Bankyu (まめや金澤萬久)

    The Golden Castella・Silver Bell (金のかすてら・銀の鈴) is a playful twist on the extremely popular Golden Castellas from Mameya Kanazawa Bankyu. The castella is made in a jigsaw puzzle piece style and you can take away the two sides of the originally rectangular-shaped castella to reveal the bell shape.

    Mameya Kanazawa Bankyu Website

    5. Kyobashi Senbikiya (京橋千疋屋)

    Kyobashi Senbikiya is famous for their high-quality fruits, and for the Silver Bell Fair, they have created a Silver Fruit Cream Puff (銀のフルーツシュークリーム) which is made in the shape of the Silver Bell and stuffed to the brim with their delicious fruits. There are only 30 available every day so be sure to pick one up early in the day!

    Kyobashi Senbikiya Website

    6. BURDIGALA EXPRESS (ブルディガラ エクスプレス)

    BURDIGALA EXPRESS will be selling a baked pastry in the shape of the bell – a baked danish filled with a walnut filling and scented with cinnamon. This item is also limited to 50 pieces a day.


    7. fil+usine (フィル ユージーヌ)

    fil+usine is a 100-year-old towel specialty shop. For the Silver Bell Fair, they have produced a new design for their hand towel, bib, and baby sleepers. They are decorated with cute bell and train designs based on the station and bell.

    fil+usine Website *Japanese only

    If you want to celebrate the history of Tokyo Station and its Silver Bell, be sure to check out these shops and items! They are only available until June 18, 2017, so make sure to get them before they are gone for good!

    Tokyo Station Website

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