Easy Maki Sushi Recipe for Beginners

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  • Introduction

    There are a hundred kinds of sushi in Japan, from the traditionally known sushi to the more uncommon ones, invented in a new styles with a different taste.
    As you may know, sushi is a traditional Japanese food. Sushi also can be said as an icon of Japan and one the most popular things that common people know about Japan. Living in Japan or not, I think most of you have already seen sushi. Either from Japanese restaurants around you or media like books, television, and internet. But for you who tasted sushi, do you know how many kinds of sushi actually exist? Yes, perhaps there are a hundred kinds of sushi in Japan. From vegetarian model like Abokado Maki (avocado roll sushi) until Gyu Nigiri (beef sushi). And yes, everything is tempting and delicious.

    Common Sushi you need to know

    The sushi itself comes in different forms. The most famous one is Maki sushi, a roll of fish or seafood with rice wrapped in seaweed. The second one is Uramaki. Uramaki is same as maki sushi but the rice is outside the seaweed, and usually consist of two fillings like vegetables and fish. The third one is Nigiri sushi, this is a popular type of sushi that is easily made and shaped. Nigiri sushi can be made only by putting a slice of seafood on the top of chunk sushi rice. The fourth one is Spicy Tuna. it is like maki sushi, but it uses big raw tuna and spicy chili sauce in the middle of the rice. The fifth one is Dragon Roll. It is a popular sushi that is arranged like a dragon. Usually, dragon roll made from tempura shrimp and avocado inside, and fried eel with avocado on the outside. The last one is California Roll. A western type of sushi made with crab stick and avocado. California roll is made without any raw fish so it is safe for those who do not consume raw fish.

    These types of sushi are actually not so popular in Japan and among Japanese people, but do seem to be popular among foreigners and in western countries.

    Recipe of Maki Sushi for Beginner

    So how to make a sushi? here I give you the recipe of Maki sushi, the most popular and common sushi.

    1. Put the nori on the rolling mat. The rough part of nori is facing upwards.
    2. Get your hands wet and make a handful of rice to a ball of rice. However when you work with nori (the seaweed) you have to dry your hands.
    3. Spread the rice on the nori and keep 2 cm from the margin uncovered.
    4. Lay down the roll fillings. You can use tuna and avocado, for example.
    5. Start to roll using the closer edge of rolling mat. Tighten from above when rolling.
    6. Continue the rolling sequence. Move forward and keep it tight until it reaches the end of the nori.
    7. Cut the sushi into 6-8 pieces with sharp and wet knife.

    Maki sushi is also known as a hand-rolled sushi. You can just let you imagination reveal the ingredients you would like to put in you sushi, add them by hand and try to make a corner like the ice-cream one.