Try These 5 Refreshing Melon Treats Perfect for the Summer Season in Japan!

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  • It has finally become the season of cantaloupes in Japan and there are several places that offer special limited cantaloupe-based menu items. Check out five of them below!

    1. Shiseido Parlour Salon de Cafe (資生堂パーラー サロン・ド・カフェ)

    Shiseido Parlour Salon de Cafe in Ginza (銀座) has recently added cantaloupe desserts to their menu. The kind of cantaloupe they use is the crown melon (クラウンメロン), which is considered to be the king of cantaloupes with its amazing flavor, fragrance, and sweetness.

    The new menu is the Crown Melon Parfait (クラウンメロンのパフェ) that features a crown melon sorbet, puree, and jelly layered on top of each other, topped off with cut melons. There is also a hint of lime jelly at the bottom of the glass, as well as a little container of matcha (抹茶) sauce which brings a new kind of flavor to the dessert. This menu is limited and will only be sold until June 30, 2017.

    Shiseido Parlour Salon de Cafe Website

    2. LOUNGE BAR Privé (プリヴェ) at Palace Hotel Tokyo (パレスホテル東京)
    Center: LOUNGE BAR Privé’s Melon and Brandy Luxury Punch

    Located in Marunouchi (丸の内), Palace Hotel Tokyo puts a twist on cantaloupes and came out with a new kind of exquisite cocktail. Available at LOUNGE BAR Privé of the hotel from June 1 to August 31, 2017, the Melon and Brandy Luxury Punch (メロンとブランデーのラグジュアリーパンチ) is an extremely lavish cocktail that uses an entire cantaloupe. The drink is served in a carved out cantaloupe which allows you to enjoy the mixture of the alcohol and fruit. Even after you finish drinking, the brandy soaks into the fruit creating a new flavor.

    LOUNGE BAR Privé at Palace Hotel Tokyo Website

    3. Patisserie SATSUKI (パティスリーSATSUKI) at Hotel New Otani (ホテルニューオータニ)

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    Hotel New Otani in Osaka (大阪) is currently selling the Extra Super Melon Shortcake (エクストラスーパーメロンショートケーキ) which uses a third of an entire cantaloupe fruit. The base of the cake is specially made to draw out the flavor and sweetness of the cantaloupe. It is made to be fluffy, with a taste that doesn’t take away the flavor of the melon, and by using a special kind of egg, the batter becomes a paler color which brings out the vibrant color of the cantaloupe. The whipped cream in the cake is made from the highest-quality almond milk which has a subtle sweet roasted fragrance that matches the refreshing sweetness of the fruit.

    This cake is limited to only 10 slices a day. The New Otani has not released any information on when they will stop providing the cake, but as cantaloupe is a very seasonal fruit, it is probably okay to assume that it won’t be available for too long.

    Patisserie SATSUKI at Hotel New Otani Website

    4. NEW YORK LOUNGE (ニューヨークラウンジ) at the Strings Hotel Nagoya (ストリングス ホテル 名古屋)

    At the NEW YORK LOUNGE at the Strings Hotel Nagoya, they are currently hosting a “Princess Afternoon Tea (プリンセスアフタヌーンティー)” event. The aim of the NEW YORK LOUNGE is to provide food that is healthy, beautiful, and fresh. The Afternoon Tea menu includes four types of hors d’oeuvres and specialty scones. The main dish is a tea stand that features seven different kinds of desserts, one of them being the Princess Melon Parfait (プリンセスメロンパフェ). This adorable parfait features high-quality cantaloupes and is topped off with a rose and a little tiara. This afternoon tea event will be held until the last day of August 2017.

    NEW YORK LOUNGE at the Strings Hotel Nagoya Website

    5. A HAPPY PANCAKE (幸せのパンケーキ)

    A HAPPY PANCAKE is a pancake specialty cafe that serves the fluffiest pancakes in the world. Their pancakes use Manuka honey from New Zealand blended with fermented butter and whipped cream.

    The cantaloupe-based menu item A HAPPY PANCAKE has started offering for this season is the Ibaraki Melon Pancake With a Hint of Lime (茨城メロンパンケーキ ライムの香り). It features cantaloupes produced in Ibaraki Prefecture (茨城県) which ranks at the top for cantaloupe produce. The cantaloupe chunks are marinated in honey and topped with a splash of lime juice to add a refreshing taste perfect for the summer.

    This item, however, is only available at A HAPPY PANCAKE locations in Western Japan: Honmachi (本町), Umeda (梅田), Kyoto (京都), and Kobe (神戸).

    A HAPPY PANCAKE Website *Japanese only
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    If you are in Japan this summer 2017, make sure to try these cantaloupe menu items out at their various locations. What would be a better way of beating the heat than by eating refreshing mouthfuls of cantaloupes?

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