Taste the New Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor at Its Pop-Up Store in Nagoya This Summer!

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  • From June 3 to July 2, 2017, there will be a pop-up Ben & Jerry’s (ベン&ジェリーズ) store in Nagoya (名古屋). The pop-up store is located on the first floor of Nagoya Station’s (名古屋駅) Takashimaya (タカシマヤ). There previously was a pop-up store in the same location back in November 2016, but after receiving many requests for Ben & Jerry’s to come back, the pop-up store is making a limited appearance once again.

    New Ice Cream Flavor

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    In celebration of the new pop-up store, the Nagoya Ben & Jerry’s will be the first place where you can enjoy the new Japanese ice cream flavor, “EnergMint (エネルミント),” and the “EnergMint Shake (エネルミントシェイク)” using the new flavor. The new flavor is a mixture of thick chocolate brownie flavor and refreshing mint, making it the perfect dessert for the upcoming summer season.

    Other than the new “EnergMint,” the flavor line-up for the Nagoya pop-up store is as follows: Vanilla, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey, Peanut Butter Cup, Strawberry Cheesecake, Triple Caramel Chunk, Phish Food, and Mint Chocolate Chunk. (These flavors are subject to change.)

    Other Limited Ice Cream Flavors

    When picking up some delicious summer sweets for the sweltering Japanese heat, it’s good to know that there are four other limited edition Japanese flavors available at Ben & Jerry’s locations around Japan.

    1. GREEN EnergTEA (グリーンエネルティー)

    The first is the “GREEN EnergTEA” which is a matcha (抹茶) ice cream mixed with a cinnamon-scented caramel sauce and large chunks of roasted almonds.

    2. SubaraTEA Time (スバラティータイム)

    The next flavor is “SubaraTEA Time” which roughly translates to “wonderful tea time.” This one is a blend of tea ice cream, cookie bits, and chocolate flakes. Why not try this flavor of ice cream for tea time instead of your usual cup of tea?

    3. Peacepul Purin (ピースプルプリン)

    The third Japanese flavor is “Peacepul Purin.” The ice cream itself is milk pudding flavored and is infused with roasted almonds, biscuits, and a rich caramel sauce.

    4. Peach Party (ピーチパーティー)

    The last Japan-limited flavor is “Peach Party.” This ice cream has large chunks of peach and an accent of sour yet sweet raspberries.

    Ben & Jerry’s Denki (ベン&ジェリーズでんき)

    Another recent thing about Ben & Jerry’s is that they have been actively working towards climate conservation. They are asking for people to realize the current situation of climate change through an organization called Avaaz, which is pushing forward a global web movement to bring people to join in on politics and decision making. It has become one of the largest and most powerful online activist networks and this time, Ben & Jerry’s has partnered up with them to spread activism and awareness.

    According to Ben & Jerry’s, they are taking part in this movement for the environment, of course, but also to “stop all the ice cream from melting.” So if you want to contribute to this, be sure to check Ben & Jerry’s website (Japanese only) and the Avaaz website.

    If you are in Japan and have the chance to visit a Ben & Jerry’s, why not try and step away from your usual go-to ice cream flavor and try a limited edition Japanese flavor while you can? Especially the new “EnergMint” which is a must-try flavor that you shouldn’t miss out on!

    Ben & Jerry’s Japan Website *Japanese only