The Gudetama Cafe in Osaka Has a New Limited Matcha Menu! Don’t Miss It!

  • Sanrio’s (サンリオ) popular character, Gudetama (ぐでたま), has a themed cafe in Osaka (大阪), and this summer 2017, they are providing a new special menu in collaboration with the matcha (抹茶) specialty store, MACCHA HOUSE Maccha-kan (抹茶館). This limited menu is only available from June 5 to July 9, 2017. Find out more about it below!


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    Gudetama is a character produced by Sanrio back in 2013 and is pretty much an egg that has lost all will to do anything. In Japanese, the word “gudegude (グデグデ)” is used to describe something or someone that does not have any energy. Gudetama’s name is a play on that word, along with the word “tama” from the Japanese word, “tamago (卵),” meaning “egg.”

    There is actually a short anime series for Gudetama with each episode being only about a minute long. It has over 500 episodes now so if you want to learn more about the life of Gudetama and his defeatist negative attitude, be sure to check those out as well!

    If you’re enticed by this lazy yet adorable character, you can pick up Gudetama merchandise at various locations around Japan. I remember when Gudetama first came out in Japan, my friend bought me a stuffed toy of it for my birthday for some reason, and I took it as a not-so-discreet criticism on my everyday laziness. But the stuffed toy is adorable in its own odd way and I still keep it on my desk, so maybe a Gudetama merchandise will make a good souvenir for someone you know.

    Gudetama Cafe (ぐでたまかふぇ)

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    The Gudetama Cafe at HEP FIVE in Osaka is the first permanent Gudetama theme cafe. Its interior is decorated with Gudetama decor, from floor to ceiling, and you can enjoy truly unique and adorable menu items at this cafe.

    Limited Matcha Menu

    MACCHA HOUSE, the brand that Gudetama Cafe is collaborating with this summer 2017, is a matcha specialty brand that has locations all throughout Asia. The collaboration menu features a matcha tiramisu served in a wooden dish to give it that extra Japanese aesthetic.

    There are five collaboration menus available and all of them come with a serving of the Uji matcha (宇治抹茶) tiramisu. The menu items are roast beef don (ローストビーフ丼), white vurry, “Oyako jyanakatta tanindatta” don (親子じゃなかった、他人だった丼), tempura udon (天ぷらうどん), and latte with Gudetama latte art. Again, these are only available from June 5 to July 9, 2017.

    Regular Menu

    There is also an extensive menu outside of the summer collaboration. They have a food menu, dessert menu, and drink menu, each filled with items that feature Gudetama in one way or another. Dishes on the food menu include sausage gapao rice, pasta, white curry, pie stew, roast beef, tempura udon, a beef rice bowl, and an onigiri (おにぎり) platter.

    The desserts are all unique as well with items such as a Mont Blanc pudding, French toast, mango crepe, roasted marshmallow and rare cheese pan, donut tower, madeleines, panna cotta, and a chocolate fondue set.

    All of the items available at Gudetama Cafe are extremely photogenic and will surely liven up your social media feed.

    If you want to visit this cafe filled with the cute and lazy Gudetama, visit Osaka this summer before the collaboration menu goes away! Gudetama’s take on living the slow life is sure to have an impact on your summer as well.

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