Stuck at home? Go Out on a Tour!

  • Stuck at home?!
    Do you have one or two days off? Looking for something to do? Why not get out and about exploring some of the most beautiful places in Japan! Take a bus tour and discover the beauty of Japan.


    Club Tourism Yokoso Tours

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    Club tourism Yokoso tours is a fairly new bus tour company with over 50 tour packages for everyone. Their website can be viewed in Japanese, English, Mandarin and Korean for easy navigation. They feature many tours a month, some of them for a limited time, but I’m sure you will find something you like. They have over 30 translators to help with language barriers while, on the tour, the staff are kind as well as friendly, helpful and are willing to answer all your questions.

    These bus tours can be booked and conveniently paid for online. They offer walking tours, onsen get always, helping you see the most picturesque places of Japan all at a reasonable price. Their website has a detailed itinerary with a lot of extra information about your tour of choice.

    Do you want to do something special during a particular season? For example, Strawberry picking? Driving through Kurobe alpine? Hiking? Going to onsen? Club tourism can make it happen. Tours are categorized by areas of interest, for example; food, nature, and sightseeing. You can start planning your weekend trips anytime and make this a year to remember and fall in love with Japan. Club tourism offers one day tours, as well as two, three and four-day tours for those who have more time! Check the website for the tour that suits you.

    Tourism Yokoso Tours

    Tours depart from Hokkaido, Tokyo, Saitama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka, and Okinawa. All tours include round trip transportation from the departure point, insurance services, delicious lunches, sufficient rest stops, and a lot of photo opportunities! Not to mention great support with online bookings, and during the tour itself.

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    Strawberry Picking Special Tours

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