The Most Common Materials Used in Japanese Kumanofude Brushes

  • Kumanofude

    I would like to tell you about one of the traditional Japanese crafts that has made itself known to the world.

    Kumanofude is a type of brush that is made in the town of Kumano in Hiroshima prefecture. The skills required to create a Kumanofude have been passed down from the Edo Period in Japan. There are currently 1500 craftsmen in Kumano and out of these 1500 craftsmen, there are only 22 people with over 12 years of experience who are admitted as “traditional craftsmen”.

    There are various types of Kumanofude that are currently being made, and they are each made of different types of hair, making them suitable for various uses.


    Horse hair is one of the most popular types of hair. It is strong yet soft and makes the brushes suitable for calligraphy, watercolour painting, oil painting and make-up.


    With its strong and durable nature, Kumanofudes that use weasel hair are used for writing or drawing small/detailed things.


    Racoon hair is very elastic and sometimes mixed in with other hairs to give the brush more elasticity. It is frequently used for calligraphy because this type of hair holds in the paint/ink very well.


    As weird as it may seem, cat hair is used in brushes as well! With its extremely soft nature it is often used for thin calligraphy brushes and make-up brushes.


    Deer hair is extremely hard and coarse so it is rarely used alone to make a brush. It is usually mixed in with other types of hairs to give the brush strength.


    Goat hair gives whatever is written a soft and gentle impression. Although it is soft, it is very durable and is used to make a calligraphy brush, art brush or make-up brush.

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    In the next parts, I will tell you how the Kumanofude is used in the world of make-up and the types of brushes that they have to offer! Stay tuned!

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