Party All Night at the Biggest Nightclub in Tokyo!

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  • Tokyo (東京) has many nightclubs to fill your evening with joy after a stressful day. Whether you want to make new friends, dance, drink, or all of the above, Tokyo has got you covered. Many local people and visitors go to nightclubs in search of a fun-filled evening. Tokyo is definitely one of the best party capitals in the world with many clubs and pubs. One such nightclub is ageHa (アゲハ) with a total crowd capacity of 5000, the biggest in Tokyo.


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    First opened in December 2002 in Shinkiba (新木場), ageHa has become one of the biggest clubs not only in Japan, but also in the entire world. It was recently ranked 79th among the top 100 best nightclubs in the world by DJ MAG.

    The club usually hosts electronic dance music artists including some of the greatest international DJs from Europe and Asia. If you happen to be around Tokyo Bay (東京湾), this is the best club to go to. It has many bars, a swimming pool, and hang out areas with a cool ambiance and advanced sound systems. It is so big that there are actually four dance floors, out of which the main one can host nearly 2400 people.

    The themes at this club change from season to season; for example, you can chill out at an artificial beach at the clubhouse in the summer. Do you know that it is the most happening club right now with an average of 200,000 visitors every year? The club stood out as one of the best in Tokyo for more than ten years, spreading joy and entertainment to its customers. The club also hosts TV shoots, fashion shows, and much more as well as the regular DJ performances.

    Events and Facilities

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    This July will kick off a summer campaign featuring international DJ artists such as Alison Wonderland on Friday, July 7th, 2017. So if you’re in Tokyo this summer, be sure to check her out!

    The first floor of ageHa has the main dance arena with breathtaking lighting and sound systems. It has an outdoor pool for private use and poolside parties, a food court, a smoking lounge, coin lockers, parking, a conceptual artificial beach, and an underground box arena for more partying.

    Inside the food court, you can get to taste international cuisine while at the locker-room, you can store your coats and other belongings. The second floor is usually for reservations as it contains many VIP lounges with drinking and smoking facilities. There is a terrace lounge and a gallery from where you can observe the arena while sipping your drink. The drink menus change from place to place inside the club, for example, the poolside bar will have different menu compared to the main bar and so on.

    Tips and Rules

    There are a few tips to keep in mind if it is your first time visiting ageHa.

    • Always check their website for everyday events before booking your tickets. Some days, the prices may jump up if an international star is attending. Check out their full event schedule on their website.
    • Do not enter the pool as it is usually only for aesthetics and not for swimming.
    • Never smoke inside the club on the dance floors; there are smoking areas for you to do so.
    • Do not forget or lose your locker key as it might be hard to get back your belongings later.
    • Make sure you take your ID to prove your age. You must be 20 years old or above to enter.

    Keep your worries aside and party like there’s no tomorrow at ageHA in Tokyo! Search for your favorite event and go with your friends on any weekend in Shinkiba!

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