Make Your Own Japanese Food With These Three Convenient 100-Yen Goods

  • Are you in your first few weeks or months of living in Japan? If so, going out to restaurants every single day and trying out different food can be fun. But the fun of it diminishes over time, especially when you realize you have to save money for the rest of the days. If you are venturing to make your own Japanese food for the first time, there’s no need to fret as there are tools which can be of help to you. Here are some of the astonishing and convenient 100-yen goods that will help you make food!

    1. Rice roll shaker

    This is probably one of the popular items sold at Daiso, which is a 100-yen shop in Japan. It helps you make the perfect rice roll in a minute. This is suitable for those first-timers who cannot make perfect sushi rolls. All you need is cooked white rice, filling, and 1/2 or 1/4 nori seaweed sheet. Fill the rice up to half the height of the guideline, place the filling in the middle, put in more rice, then close the lid. Shake up and down for 20 to 30 times. Insert a nori sheet, and shake up and down in order to wrap the rice. You’ll then end up with perfect sushi rolls! You may also cut them into individual portions if you like.

    2. Microwavable rice steamer

    The best solution to make perfectly steamed rice in just minutes is this microwavable rice steamer. This convenient good is also available at Daiso and other 100-yen shops in Japan. It works well with all types of rice and is a great substitute for the electronic rice cooker. It comes with a pressure chamber plate and a lid that doesn’t heat up. Steam is released from the lid’s vent to prevent splatter. The plastic material is durable and resistant to heat. It is also odorless and easy to clean.

    3. Microwavable ramen bowl

    Another microwavable goodie you can find in Daiso or 100-yen shops is the microwavable ramen bowl. This item is great for super busy people who have no time to make quality meals. The bowl creates perfect ramen dishes in the microwave every time. All you have to do is place a pack of ramen into the bowl, add the appropriate amount of water, heat it, and you’re good to go. You will not need any extra pots and dishes anymore with this bowl. Besides using it for ramen, you can also use it as a soup bowl. The results can be surprising as it gives you a delicious meal without the fuss.

    If you’re wondering how to save money in Japan while still eating good Japanese food, it is best to use these three convenient and affordable goods and make your own. Remember that you can always enjoy Japanese food in the convenience of your own home!

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