A Day In Yokohama Hakkejima Sea Paradise

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    It is the Golden week and there is no better way to spend the long holiday than to visit various amusement parks and attractions in Japan. One of the chosen itinerary for this holiday escapade is the Yokohama Hakkejima Sea Paradise.
    Located approximately 30 minutes away from Tokyo, the Yokohama Hakkejima Sea Paradise is situated in a small island just off the shore of central Yokohama. Since it is the Golden Week, both locals and tourist pack the park to enjoy its rides, aquarium and shows. What amazes me is that the park admission is free. I walked along with the flow of the crowd expecting to be directed to the ticketing booth but to my amazement, the crowd burst to different directions: towards the restaurants, to the aquarium, to the left and right and some to the ticketing station. But what I love about the walk is the scenic bridge we passed through to enter the park.
    One day is not enough to fully enjoy the park. There are just so many attractions and rides. Since I am with my one-year-old son, we opted for the sightseeing and may return later for the rides when our baby turns a little older to enjoy the rides.
    The Aqua Museum and the Dolphin Fantasy are great for educational purposes. Our son is captivated with the animals and fishes in the aquariums and tubes. The large animal show was also great. Though in Japanese, the comic is funny and the animals are amazing. I also appreciate the snacks being sold in the stadium while waiting for the show to start. The chicken popcorns are to die for.

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    The Umi Farm offers a place to fish. They also have counters to cook your caught fish and a boat with tables and chairs that serves as a place for you to enjoy your freshly caught fish. Though the place is enjoyable, we opt to skip the fishing experience and continued to the Fureal Lagoon.

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    The Fureal Lagoon seems to be the best part of the experience. It is a place where you can get to stroke the dolphins, pet the sea lion, stroke various fishes and sharks and even explore different marine animals. It is definitely a great place for children but even us the parents enjoyed the lagoon for real.

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    At night, the scenery is even more fantastic. The restaurants around the area are perfect for couples dating and for children to just take a break from their long day playing and exploring. The lights are magical and the air is cool. Since it is the Golden week, we get to experience a great fireworks display which made the visit even more fantastic.
    All-in-all, we had a great time at the Yokohama Hakkejima Sea Paradise. One day is really not enough, but it is the best one day of our entire Golden week holiday escapade.