Cool Down From the Summer Heat With These Limited Calpis Treats and Drinks

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  • As summer in Japan approaches, everyone’s looking to refresh themselves in any way possible. If you’re up for something cool and new, you might want to bring down the heat with Calpis (カルピス) and Afternoon Tea’s (アフタヌーンティー) cool summer collaboration!

    What is Calpis?

    Calpis is a largely popular Japanese milk-based beverage. It is one of those drinks that you’d love to have on a hot summer day to quench down your thirst. Calpis is widely available in Japan – you can find them anywhere from supermarkets to convenience stores, and even in vending machines.

    What is Afternoon Tea?

    Afternoon Tea is a combined shop and cafe, split into Afternoon Tea LIVING (アフタヌーンティー・リビング) and TEAROOM (ティールーム). It provides food, clothing, and other goods to its customers. Afternoon Tea’s concept centers around the European culture and they take steps towards introducing the lifestyle that is not yet common in Japan.

    Calpis x Afternoon Tea TEAROOM Collaboration

    From June 29 until August 30, 2017, Calpis and Afternoon Tea TEAROOM will be collaborating to bring everyone a selection of cool limited treats this summer.

    Calpis’ Frozen Sherbet Lassi Drinks (カルピスのシャーベットラッシー)

    The frozen sherbet lassi drink is the perfect companion to help keep your energy up in the summer heat. The drink is a combination of Calpis and India’s popular traditional yogurt-based drink, lassi. There are three flavors to choose from – strawberry, yogurt, and the fruit perfect for summer, mango – all for 890 yen each.

    More Afternoon Tea Set Summer Collection (モア アフタヌーンティーセット サマーコレクション)

    Now for some sweet treats! With the More Afternoon Tea Set Summer Collection, you can get to enjoy limited Calpis sweets such as the chilled Calpis stollen from June 29 to July 26, 2017, the Calpis cheesecake from July 27 to August 30, 2017, and the strawberry and mango Calpis sherbets! The More Afternoon Tea Set Summer Collection is priced at 1,830 yen, comes with a drink of your choice, and starts at two in the afternoon.

    Calpis x Afternoon Tea LIVING Collaboration Items

    Afternoon Tea LIVING will also be selling collaboration Calpis merchandise with a starry sky design from June 29, 2017. This is to celebrate Tanabata (七夕) on July 7, which is also the day when Calpis was first marketed in 1919. Around 70 items will be available including a tumbler, bottle cover, cell phone case, tote bags, and a whole lot more!

    The summer season in Japan is no doubt hot and humid, but don’t let the heat get to you! Head down to your nearest Afternoon Tea TEAROOM as soon as you can and indulge yourself in a cool summer treat that you surely wouldn’t want to miss!

    Afternoon Tea Website

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