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    Shodoshima is one of the islands of Seto Nai Ka, or Seto Inland Sea.
    To get to this island, you may take a ferry from Hinase, Okayama, Himeji, Teshima, Takamatsu or Osaka. This island has several ferry ports around it.

    As any other island, it is famous for its beach, nature, and mountainous terrains. What makes the island special is that it is famous for soy and olive.

    There is a Soy Sauce Village in this island. Everything you want to learn about Soy sauce way back from the Meiji Period is here.
    But nowadays, being an island of olives is becoming the main attraction of Shodoshima.


    This area with its European touch of architecture is everything about Olives. You may purchase goods made of olive, like olive condiments, olive chocolates, olive soda, olive snack, olive ice cream and so on. At the garden, you may enjoy fresh air amongst the olive trees, overlooking the clear blue beach of the island.

    There is also a bathhouse called Sun Olive Onsen where you can relax in a herb bath using natural hot spring. This open air bath is also overlooking the vast sea.

    Another attraction of the island is what they call the Angel Road. The myth says that couples who walk through this sandbar will find happiness together. This sandbar is open in different times a day by day depending on the season and the tides. But for this month of May (Golden Week), it is open at 3 – 7 in the morning, and 3-7 in the late afternoon.
    However, the time really varies for the sandbar, it can be enclosed when the sea when it is high tide.


    To get the whole view of the island, there is a hiking course which lets you see the landscape of the valley and coastline. There is also a cable car where you may go up and downhill while seeing the beautiful mountain, valley and also the sea.
    Spectacular view in the ropeway may be experienced all throughout the year, but the best season is in Autumn when the leaves are of different colors.

    The charm of this island will definitely relax your body and mind and you may feel closer to nature which is in our days rare to find.

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