Is This Proposed Skyscraper in Tokyo Bay Going to Be the Tallest in the World?

  • Forget the Empire State Building, Shanghai Tower, Taipei 101, and even Burj Khalifa, Tokyo is all set to build the tallest building on the planet by 2045. It is going to be built on an artificial archipelago in Tokyo Bay (東京湾) and will be named as the “Sky Mile Tower.” Its height is going to be nearly one mile, 1,700 meters to be exact, twice the size of Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

    NEXT Tokyo

    Tokyo is, in fact, the world’s most populated city with almost 40 million residents. It is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the world with hundreds of people migrating from different countries every day.

    It is said that Tokyo needs mega skyscrapers to accommodate its booming population. It needs futuristic buildings with state-of-the-art architecture, resources, and functionality. In order to fulfill that dream, Tokyo has put forward a much exciting initiative out in public called the “NEXT Tokyo.”

    The commencement date of construction is not yet announced, but it is expected to become a reality by 2045. It is going to be built by the very famous and iconic firm, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF). The mega skyscraper will accommodate at least 55,000 people and have 400 floors. The money required for the construction is going to be accumulated from enthusiastic buyers who would like to live in an over-water property in Tokyo Bay, one of the most qualified centers in Japan.

    Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

    Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates is among the world’s top building firms located in New York. Ever visited Roppongi Hills (六本木ヒルズ) in Tokyo, or Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas, or the International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong? These were all designed and built by KPF in the last decade.

    KPF have also built the tallest buildings in France and Korea, and are currently building the tallest in Shenzhen, China. One of their other projects in Japan was the JR Central Towers in Nagoya (名古屋).

    KPF has worked in several countries on all continents and won prestigious international awards to their credit. They are partnering with one of the best engineering firms in the world, Leslie E. Robertson Associates, for the NEXT Tokyo Project. The project is still under proposal and design stage, and it is yet to get a green signal from the Japanese authorities.

    Sky Mile Tower Features

    The Sky Mile Tower is proposed to be powered by windmills, turbines, solar panels, and even by electricity generated from algae. It will have water filter and storage facilities on every level, thus inhibiting the use of motors to pump water to the top of the building. It will have everything you could possibly imagine – schools, health centers, gyms, restaurants, malls, offices, apartments, and so on. It can fit the entire population of a medium-sized Japanese town.

    Furthermore, the main tower is going to be complemented by hexagonal structures around it on the ocean floor where gardens, golf courses, theaters, and farms will be developed. The whole project will resemble a megacity from the future and will be designed to withstand natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes.

    Tokyo is planning to revive its economy and claim the status of the world’s best city with this unimaginable and super exciting mega project. Let’s hope that this project becomes a reality soon and not just another proposal on paper.

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