Enjoy the spring on Awaji Island, Hyogo

  • Awaji Island or Awajishima is located in Hyogo Prefecture.


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    The most convenient way to get there is from Kobe City, Maiko Station.
    Then you can take a ride by the famous bridge called the Akashi-Kaiykyo, which is said to be the longest suspension bridge in the world. (with its central span measuring 1,991m.)

    The bridge itself is already a sight not to miss. At night, it is illuminated magnificently.

    Onion picking


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    Awaji Island is known for its onions. Along the roads on this island, you can see a lot of onions. You can even go onion picking. One suggestion to go for onion picking is at England Hill.
    England Hill or the Awaji Farm Park England Hill is located in Minami Awaji. Local buses are available for you to get to this large 54-hectare farm park.

    Awaji Farm Park England Hill


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    You can guess by its name, but it really is a farm and a park. It is a farm because you can see some animals in the ranches. Although, there are other animals such as sheep, horses, and kangaroos, its star is the koalas.
    As said earlier, you may also go onion picking in this farm.

    The park has a perfect landscape for picnics, a stroll, boating and relaxation. Its amusement park offers children some rides and games, it even has a mini golf course!
    Awaji is famous for its Sumoto castle which is also located on a hill. But, where else can you go to?

    Awaji Hanasajiki


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    This spring, the perfect place to go to is AWAJI HANASAJIKI.
    There are lots of flower beds on this hill, like rape blossoms, violets, and poppies. You can never be fooled by the pictures that you can see on the internet when searching Awaji Hanasajiki. You better go see it to believe it!

    Another place to enjoy in Awaji is the Parchez no Kaori no Yagata.
    This area has a hotel where you can relax and enjoy different tastes of organic cuisines. For this area also has restaurants which serve home-cooked HERB burgers. There is also a cafe which sells ice cream with lavender, orange and rose flavours to choose from, they also sell bread and waffles with different flower tastes. The shops boast their healthy ingredients, and herbs, as all of them, are freshly picked around the area.



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    There is a small house where you can make your own original perfume using the flowers that grow on the island.

    Other than that, there is a greenhouse where you can take a look at flowers in bloom, and at the field. And in this season, you can go chamomile picking.

    Awaji Island has a lot more to offer, for it is also popular for its fishing spots and some beaches. But for now, let’s enjoy the spring flowers in bloom!

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