This Lifestyle Beauty Brand is Opening a New Store in Tokyo!

  • Have you ever heard of the botanical lifestyle brand BOTANIST (ボタニスト)? They are becoming increasingly popular for their merchandise lineup, beginning with their shampoos and conditioners.

    BOTANIST is a brand that is based on creating a lifestyle that lasts from the early hours of the morning to the moment you go to sleep, that has people relaxed side by side with plants and nature. They have been gaining a lot of attention on social media as many celebrities and hair stylists have fallen in love with their products.

    BOTANIST Products

    Their hair product line comes in three general types: scalp, moist, and smooth. Each type has a general effect on your hair. The scalp line is for people who are concerned with dry skin or prefer a refreshing effect after use. The moist line is for people who are have damaged or dry hair. The smooth line is for people who want more resilience in their hair, have soft or thin hair, or want hair that is silkier to the touch. BOTANIST’s hair products are extremely affordable and as a daily user myself, I have to say that all of their products smell amazing as well.

    Omotesando Branch

    BOTANIST is now opening their first physical store in Omotesando (表参道) on July 15th 2017, with the name of BOTANIST Tokyo. In the creation of this shop, the plant artist and head of the company GREEN FINGERS, Satoshi Kawamoto (川本諭), is joining in on the project to help create an interior space that follows the brand’s motto.

    Satoshi Kawamoto is the director of plant-based lifestyle shops in both Tokyo (東京) and New York. His company’s direction goes further than plants and reaches out to interior space design and product design. Kawamoto aims to create a new field of design in which the distance between nature and people becomes richer and closer.

    Kawamoto’s designs are unique and intriguing so if you have the chance to check out any of the spaces that he has produced, I highly recommend visiting them, along with this new BOTANIST store, of course.

    About the New Shop

    \参加者全員大サービス♪/ フラッグシップショップ「BOTANIST Tokyo」オープン記念としてキャンペーンを開催! 工事中外装壁面に展開する「Botanical Wings」を撮って #BOTANIST #botanisttokyo で投稿すると、もれなくオリジナルスムージーをプレゼント! ⠀⠀ ◆開催期間:6/12(月)~7/2(日) ◆応募条件:①BOTANIST公式アカウントをフォロー ② 「Botanical Wings」の写真を撮って#BOTANIST #botanisttokyo で投稿 ◆プレゼント内容:「BOTANIST Tokyo」店舗2階BOTANIST cafeで、オリジナルスムージーを無料でご提供 ◆プレゼント期間:7/15(土)~23(日)の期間中、店舗2階BOTANIST cafeにて。 たくさんのご参加をお待ちしております♪ ⠀⠀ Twitterでもキャンペーン開催中! 応募条件詳細はプロフィール欄URLをご確認ください。 ⠀⠀ #shop #open #ボタニスト #botanical #ボタニカル #ボタニカルシャンプー #new #キャンペーン #campaign @botanist_official

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    The green-filled modern looking shop is going to consist of two floors. The first floor is going to have a natural and organic selection of BOTANIST brand merchandise such as their popular shampoos, hair treatments, and body soaps, as well as some Omotesando shop limited edition botanical shampoos and hair treatments that come in limited edition fragrances and packaging.

    There will also be a line of BOTANIST brand miscellaneous merchandise that you can only purchase at this shop. The BOTANIST brand items will be joined with international cosmetic and miscellaneous merchandise brands that have yet to become available in Japan.

    The second floor of the store will be a cafe where you can enjoy botanical New York style salads and smoothies. These menu items will have a focus on providing fresh and healthy ingredients. The interior of the cafe is designed in a New York’s Brooklyn-esque style. The space designed mainly in white is going to be decorated with many plants, creating a space that is both stylish and relaxing. BOTANIST is attempting to create a space that displaces anyone who visits from the loud craziness of the city outside.

    Are you interested in trying out new hair care products? If you are interested in this botanical brand, make sure to check out the new BOTANIST store that it is going to open in Omotesando! If you’re unable to visit Tokyo, the shop also has an online store.