Watch Acrobatics, Flying Trapeze Acts, and More Circus Fun in Japan This Summer!

  • BOLSHOI CIRCUS (ボリショイサーカス) is a beloved form of entertainment in Japan which originated in Russia. It is considered as the world’s biggest circus which has been performing in the country for over 50 years. This summer 2017, the circus is going to have another tour in six locations across Japan. The show will feature clowns, bear shows, aerial acrobats, flying trapeze actors, and many more!


    The Russian word “bolshoi” means “great,” so in this sense, “BOLSHOI CIRCUS” literally means “Great Circus.” In Russia, it’s called the Russian National Circus and is managed by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

    BOLSHOI CIRCUS’s first visit to Japan was in 1958. Since then, it has performed nationwide for over 50 years. This produced an increase in the number of spectators to 13.5 million. Aside from Japan, they also do different performances around the world. BOLSHOI CIRCUS is regarded as the world’s largest circus corporation consisting of 4,000 artists and staff and more than 6,000 animals. They also have about 70 permanent and temporary theaters.

    Every year, circus schools introduce new stars and artists representing the pride of Russia. The BOLSHOI CIRCUS team consists of a talented group of artists eager to showcase their skills around the world. They continuously recruit talented Russians and train them into becoming skillful stars. The circus team offers world-class shows with the latest and highest level of performances.

    The 6-City Tour in Japan

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    BOLSHOI CIRCUS will be having another tour in Japan from July 15 to August 28, 2017. This is a chance for people to watch both humans and animals perform daring feats and tricks. Take note of the schedule below:

    1. Fukui (福井) – July 15 to 17 at Sun Dome Fukui (サンドーム福井)
    2. Tokyo (東京) – July 20 to 23 at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium (東京体育館)
    3. Yokohama (横浜) – July 28 to August 6 at Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium (横浜文化体育館)
    4. Makuhari (幕張) – August 10 to 14 at Makuhari Messe Event Hall (幕張メッセイベントホール)
    5. Nagareyama (流山) – August 18 to 21 at Kikkoman Arena (キッコーマン アリーナ)
    6. Nagoya (名古屋) – August 24 to 28 at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium (愛知県体育館)

    Tickets for the show normally range from 3,700 yen to 6,200 yen, depending on the type of seat you choose and the performance venue. For example, the S-designated seat at the Tokyo show costs 5,700 yen, while the S-designated seat at the Fukui show costs 4,700 yen.

    You can buy tickets for the show online with a credit card. A purchase confirmation email will be sent after your transaction. Take note that cancellation is not possible. You may also purchase tickets at 7-Eleven outlets, but take note that tickets can only be received 48 hours after application.

    The BOLSHOI CIRCUS performance is highly valued by people in Japan. It is an opportunity for the performers/artists to express their unique physical abilities as well as to show their capacity in training animals. What are you waiting for? Watch the biggest circus show in the world this coming summer season in Japan!