Enjoy Table Tennis and Delicious Food All in One at This Cafe in Tokyo!

  • Table tennis, also known as “ping-pong,” is one of the classic games around the world. Its popularity spread to Asian countries like Japan through the British armies who held posts in those places. In 2016, Japan’s table tennis representative, Jun Mizutani (水谷隼), made history by winning bronze in the Rio Olympics, the first Olympics table tennis medal in the country. This reinvigorated Japan’s love for the table tennis game which can be seen in the newly opened ping pong restaurant located at T4 Complex in Shibuya (渋谷).

    History of Table Tennis in Japan

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    Table tennis started as an indoor game in the 1880s and was accessible to all people who had a table, paddles, and a ball. Its trademark name, “ping-pong,” was invented by the English firm, J. Jaques and Son. It was also trademarked in the USA later on by the board game company, Parker Brothers.

    The game quickly caught on and a few years later, tournaments were already being conducted. The Ping-Pong Association was then born but it was later renamed the Table Tennis Association. It is said that a visiting Japanese university professor learned the table tennis game in 1902 and took it back home where he taught his students. As of today, the sport is very well established around the world and its popularity is growing every year. The game is being played by millions of people at work, in schools, and at community parks.

    The Ping-Pong Restaurant

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    T4 is a newly founded restaurant in Shibuya which centers on the ping-pong game as its theme. It was created by Transit (トランジット), which features a spacious bar, dining area, and a table for playing ping-pong. The idea of making this kind of restaurant was based on the collaboration of T4 Complex and the Rally Table.

    Besides playing the game, you can also order Italian food such as Tokyo Cowboy (東京カウボーイ)’s hamburger plate made from Japanese wagyu (和牛) beef and smoked chicken cobb salad. Other menu items you can try are the five kinds of grilled meat platter for 4,500 yen, the ping-pong pancake for 850 yen, and the ping-pong racket ice pop at 350 yen. You may also enjoy the cheese stand which features delicious appetizers such as burrata cheese complemented with strawberries for 1400 yen.

    Other than the Rally Table, it is said that T4 will also be introducing a game called “Pong Pong” this coming July 2017. It is a digital table tennis activity which allows you to track the ball’s movement through a digital map on the table. There are also personal coaches available from the table tennis school, Tactive, if you’d like to seriously sharpen your skills. You may also buy high-quality table tennis apparel in association with this.

    Currently, T4 has 54 seats and eight ping pong tables, as well as a mini table for kids. The place is proud to combine the elements of drinking, dining, having fun, and improving table tennis skills all in one experience.

    Have an exciting ping-pong activity and food adventure in one place! Visit T4 now and purchase the limited table tennis apparel while they last! The Rally Table is open from 11:30am to 3:00pm for lunch and from 6:00pm to 11:00pm for dinner.

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