4 Unique Types of Japanese Hotels: From Traditional To Unusual

  • Visiting Japan and staying in a western hotel room may sound a little boring with Japan’s various kinds of hotels. What makes Japan an exciting place to travel to is the opportunity to try out different hotel experiences. Check these kinds of Japanese hotels that you may encounter when visiting this traditional yet very innovative city.

    1. Capsule Hotels

    Capsule hotels are small “capsule-like” rooms that provide travelers a budget-friendly place to stay for the night. The capsule rooms are usually made up of fiberglass material or plastic about 2 by 1 by 1.5 meters. Though very small compared to even the smallest ship cabin you have the chance to encounter, you will be amazed at how some git television, wireless Internet connection, and console. It may be a little unusual but if you are up to trying something new, the capsule hotel is really a must-try.

    2. Ryokan

    Because Japan strongly adheres to their culture and tradition, it is no wonder there are thousands of Ryokans around Japan. These Japanese hotel rooms are lined with tatami mats, decorated with Japanese traditional items, futons for beds and communal baths. These inns may be hard to find in the large cities but they can easily be found in tourist spots, especially in the mountains and by the hot springs.

    3. The 24 Hour Internet Cafes or Manga Kissa

    Though these entertainment facilities are packed with comic books to rent, they actually have Internet cubicles with a reclining chair, blanket, pillows and a computer as well. They are usually found near the train stations as a place to rest or to hang out when in-between itineraries. These cubicles are usually frequented by travelers who are looking for an inexpensive place to stay. Even curious foreigners join the craze and stay in these cubicles just for the sake of the experience.

    4. Themed Hotels

    V8 Hotel im Meilenwerk Stuttgart

    There are many themed hotels in Japan, especially in the big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. You will be in awe with the hotels’ exterior and even interior for they have an amusement park-like decorations. Although most of these hotels are love hotels, they are becoming popular for budget travelers and foreigners because along with entertaining decorations they offer budget-friendly accommodation.

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