6 Best Authentic Japanese Gift Ideas

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  • With Japan’s mesmerizing sights and wonderful culture, tourists ought to take some souvenirs back to their homeland. But the introduction of Western and other Asian countries’ culture confuses the buyers and they end up buying not-so authentic Japanese goods. If you are one of those tourists, take note of these few authentic Japanese items that are perfect for souvenirs.

    1. Yukata

    If you plan on visiting Japan during summer, you have to get one of these light cotton summer kimonos or “yukatas” as souvenir. They are widely sold in department stores, souvenir and gift shops, as the Japanese wear this when joining matsuris.

    2. Geta or Zori



    Pair your Yukata with the Japanese wooden Flipflops or the Geta to complete the ensemble. Or, if you are planning to visit Matsuris in your Yukata, I doubt the Geta will be a comfortable footwear. Instead, get the Zori, a more comfortable wooden slippers usually paired with Yukata when worn.

    3. Ichimatsu Dolls

    These dolls are not for the little girls. In fact, they are more of a display icon, considering these dolls represent Japanese culture and clothing. The Ichimatsu dolls are little boys and girls wearing traditional Kimono. Though some are for playing, and little kids can change the doll’s dress, they are normally used for display purposes only.

    4. Indenya Leather Pouches

    Indenya leather is a soft, but durable leather made of lambskin. The timeless designs of these wallets and their durability make it very popular among Japanese and foreigners. But don’t you know that this craft is dated back to the warlord years? The technique and patterns used in making Indenya leather were used for Samurai armors.

    5. Noh Masks

    If you have been to a Japanese theater, then you will be familiar with the Noh masks. But these masks are not just for Japanese performances, they are also passed down as heirlooms. Hence, if you get a chance to visit a mask carver, or you just happen to cross a souvenir shop with Noh masks, you really ought to purchase one for it makes a great wall decoration and heirloom.

    6. Hello Kitty

    Yes. Hello Kitty, though very popular and common all over the world, is produced by the Japanese company Sanrio. Designed by Yuko Shimizu, the cartoon character is printed on all items from stationery to kitchen appliances. You really ought to get a hello kitty item from Sanrio stores and to be amazed at the Hello Kitty merchandise.