97 Things to Do in Osaka, the Japanese City of Street Food, Culture, and Comedy, in 2019

  • Osaka is the third biggest city in Japan and is home to delicious street food, comedy, Universal Studios, and Glico’s famous Running Man. Those who visit Osaka admire the charm of its friendly and outgoing people and nationwide renowned dishes.

    If you visit Kansai’s coolest city, there is a huge amount of things to do to create some unforgettable memories. Whether you’re looking for culture, meeting new people, martial arts, sightseeing tours, or street food, there is something for everyone in Osaka. We have compiled the ultimate list of things to do in this vibrant city, as well as some helpful guidance on train tickets and more!

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    1. Visit Universal Studios Japan with VIP tickets

    Universal Studios Japan is a must if you’re in the Osaka area. They have rides featuring popular anime, charming Dreamworks characters, and Hollywood classics such as Harry Potter, Dispicable Me‘s minions, One Piece, Jurassic Park, and much more. The theme park is constantly updating its rides and events, which range fro child-friendly to the terrifying. Universal Studios, commonly called USJ, is well worth a visit for fans of thrilling rides.

    Booking details: USJ Universal Studios Japan Osaka Tickets (Official Partner)

    2. See a Baseball Game at Koshien Stadium

    Summer is baseball season in Japan, so why not check out a Hanshin Tigers game at Koshien Stadium, which has a capacity of 47,500 people? Cheer along with devoted fans, pick up some limited edition merchandise and enjoy the electric atmosphere at an exciting baseball game. This is definitely for you if you’re interested in sports!

    Booking details: Osaka Hanshin Tigers Baseball Tickets & Schedule for Koshien

    3. Enjoy Seafood at Kuromon Market

    Kuromon Market is the place to go if you enjoy seafood, markets, or authentic Japanese spots with local people! The seafood on offer here is fresh, varied, and known to be some of the best you can find in the area. You can choose to either buy seafood and cook it yourself, or enjoy it prepared at one of several dining areas now set up!

    The market is operational from 9am until around 6pm, and the closest station is Namba Station. Make sure you visit on an empty stomach because you will want to try everything!


    4. Relax at Nakanoshima Park

    This gorgeous city park is known to be the oldest and first park in Osaka! This park is located right in the center of the commercial district of Osaka, and it’s well worth a visit for its great skyline views, soft grass to lay on in the warmer months, and its large rose garden which is nice to walk around when the roses are in bloom between May and October!

    The park is situated in a nice spot and you can try one of the many modern cafes and restaurants surrounding it!


    5. Visit the Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe

    Eorzea is the setting in the game Final Fantasy XIV, and there is a cafe of this theme in Akihabara, Tokyo, and Osaka, too! Book reservations at the cafe to guarantee your seat, sample delicious food, and enjoy the interior design of Final Fantasy.

    Booking details: Get Tickets To Final Fantasy’s Eorzea Cafe in Osaka!

    6. Rent Go-Karts and Ride Around Osaka

    Ever wanted to try go-karting? In Osaka, you can rent karts and drive around the city with a guide! See some famous sightseeing spots such as Dotonbori, Namba, and Osaka Tower by kart rather than train or bus, and wear funny costumes to go with it. Please keep in mind that to participate, you must hold a Japanese driver’s licence, a Japanese SOFA licence, or an international driver’s permit.

    Booking details: 30% OFF Rent a Go-Kart and ride around Osaka with Guide

    7. See Osaka Castle and Have a Dotonbori Food Tour

    Have a private tour to see Osaka Castle before heading to downtown popular spot Dotonbori to sample some of Osaka’s most famous snacks, okonomiyaki, a Japanese savoury pancake, and takoyaki, octopus-filled balls. Spend the afternoon with a knowledgable guide and ask them as many questions as you like about the area. Don’t miss a thing in Osaka’s best spots with this popular tour!

    Booking details: Private Osaka Castle Walking & Dotonbori Food Tour!

    8. Get Around Osaka on the Wonderloop Bus

    To get the most out of Osaka and travel round efficiently, try the Osaka Wonderloop bus. It has 13 popular bus stops and 4 cruise docking locations, as well as an open top so you can get some great views of the city while you’re travelling around. The bus concierge will guide you and ensure you can make the most of your stay in Osaka.

    Booking details: Get a ticket for the Hop On & Hop Off Osaka Wonderloop Bus!

    9. Have a Market Tour and Cook in a Japanese Home

    If you’re interested in Japanese food, it’s a great idea to go shopping in real Japanese markets and then heading home to cook! With this deal, you can meet up with a local, English-speaking guide, head to a market to buy ingredients, and then travel to their home where you can cook a meal of your choice, including a main dish, side dish, miso soup, and rice.

    This is a great opportunity to see how local people prepare their food and to make new friends in Osaka. Try out this tour for a fun day of shopping, cooking, chatting, and eating.

    Booking details: Enjoy a market tour and Japanese home cooking in Osaka!

    10. Alice in Wonderland Cafe

    Disney fans rejoice! In Osaka, there’s a great opportunity to visit one of Japan’s Alice in Wonderland cafes. The one in Osaka is called Alice in Fantasy Land, and can be booked anytime between 5:00pm and 10:00pm (last order 10:30pm, closes at 11:00pm). Reserve tickets to guarantee your seat and enjoy the magical atmosphere of Alice in Wonderland!

    Booking details: Reservation for Alice’s Cafes in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya

    11. Enjoy an Evening of Food and Drink

    Would you like to try Osaka’s best street food but have no idea where to start? The city can be confusing and it’s not always easy to find the best places on your own, so why not meet with some local people? They’ll take you to two of Osaka’s best local food and drink areas and introduce you to some night sights. Take a look at the link below for more detailed information on the evening.

    Booking details: Enjoy an adventurous evening of food and drink in Osaka

    12. Meet Cute Owls at Osaka’s Owl Cafe

    Japan isn’t short of interesting animal cafes, and Osaka’s “Ofuro no Mise”, which literally means “Shop of Owls”, is no different. Get up close and personal with these cute birds and enjoy a drink in the heart of Osaka. Places fill up fast, so be sure to make a reservation so you can visit without having to queue.

    Booking details: Reservation for Lovely Owl Cafe “Fukuro no Mise” in Osaka

    13. Create Your Own Unique Japanese Stamp

    Japanese personal stamps, or “seals”, as they’re generally called, are used mainly as a personal signature on official forms and even works of art. Most Japanese adults are in possession of one representing their family name. With this class, you can make your own stone seal with your Japanese nickname on it!

    The teacher is a stone seal professor and can help you make a professional-level stone stamp for you to take home as a completely unique souvenir.

    Booking details: Craft your own Japanese Stone Seal

    14. Take Part in a Japanese Homestay

    It can sometimes be difficult to mingle with local people. This Japanese homestay experience is particularly good for young people travelling alone. Why not stay with a real Japanese family and have a hands-on experience of learning all about Japanese home culture? With this, there is also the additional option of trying Japanese calligraphy or wearing a kimono.

    Booking details: Home Stay Experience in Osaka

    15. Visit the Asahi Beer Brewery

    Asahi is one of the biggest beer producers in Japan, and if you’re a fan of beer, you can’t miss the Asahi brewery while you’re in Osaka! Learn about the different stages of malting, fermentation, and filtering, and taste some of Asahi’s beer products. A regular tour is conducted in Japanese, but with the below tour, you can have the content explained to you in English.

    Booking details: Visit Asahi Beer Brewery in Suita, Osaka

    16. Make Your Own Takoyaki

    Takoyaki is one of Osaka’s most famous street foods. How about learning to make it yourself! These yummy balls filled with octopus and go well with a number of condiments including brown sauce and mayonnaise. Try making your very own takoyaki at a stand in Osaka and then get to taste your creation!

    Booking details: Make Takoyaki at a Takoyaki stand in Osaka!

    17. Get Your Own Personal Shopper

    Shopping is a big part of your vacation, and it’s important to know the best places where you can buy high-quality goods at decent prices. The below tour will introduce you to the best places in Osaka whether you want to buy food, souvenirs, clothes, or baby products. Choose what you’d like to buy and meet up with a local for an hour to find the best shopping areas in the city.

    Booking details: Hire your personal shopping guide in Osaka!

    18. Cook Sushi and Japanese Food With Locals

    For those who love cooking and want to find out more about Japanese delicacies such as sushi, green tea, sake, miso soup, and more, this day of cooking with Japanese locals might be good for you. Start off the lesson with a tea ceremony in a real tatami mat room, add either sake or beer to your course, and learn to cook dishes from Osaka! Check out the link below for more information.

    Booking details: Cook Sushi and Japanese Homemade Dishes in Osaka!

    19. Take a Cherry Blossoms Cruise

    If you visit Osaka during cherry blossom season, try taking a boat tour to see thousands of beautiful blossom trees. You can have a delicious breakfast included in the plan. See Osaka’s gorgeous “sakura” flowers in the height of one of Japan’s most popular seasons!

    Booking details: Enjoy a Splendid Sakura Cherry Blossoms Cruise in Osaka

    20. Make Cute Japanese Sweets and Origami

    The “kawaii” or “cute” culture in Japan is very popular. You may have seen various kinds of small, plastic foods used as accessories. Would you like to make your very own small sweet accessory? With this short class, you can make your own “Sweets Deco” items and then take them home as a unique accessory, as a gift or for yourself. If you finish quickly, you can also have a go at Japanese origami.

    Booking details: Make “Kawaii” Japanese art “Sweets Deco” and Origami, Osaka

    21. See Iwafune Shrine

    Iwafune is a beautiful shrine you can’t miss during your trip to Osaka. The trip involves a short hike, a suspension bridge, and some stunning views. Take a tour to see the best spots around the shrine and get perfect photographs! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

    Booking details: Discover Iwafune Shrine in Osaka!

    22. Dress as Your Favourite Character and Have a Photo Shoot

    Have you heard of Japanese cosplay? It involves getting dressed as one of your favourite characters from a movie, TV show, or video game. In Osaka, you can have the opportunity to choose from a variety of costumes and dress up for the day! Japanese cosplay doesn’t have an age limit, so don’t be shy – try dressing as your favourite character and have your photo taken by a professional photographer in one of Japan’s coolest cities!

    Booking details: Dress Up as Your Favorite Character For Photography in Osaka

    23. Learn About Japanese Sword Techniques

    With this experience, you can learn all about Japanese sword techniques, including a special technique used by stage and film actors involving posture, gestures, etiquette, and more. Later, you can dress as a samurai and star in a short movie using the techniques you’ve learned! Find out more details below.

    Booking details: Learn the sword (katana) technique of Samurai and Ninja

    24. Make Takoyaki

    This is another chance to make Osaka’s favourite street food, takoyaki! Learn all about these delicious octopus balls, recieve ingredients, and have a go at making them yourself. Afterwards, you’ll get the qualification of “takoyaki master” and you can eat your yummy creations afterwards, too!

    Booking details: Become a Takoyaki Master and Make the Specialty of Osaka!

    25. Make Your Own Udon

    If takoyaki isn’t your thing, there is also the chance to make Japanese noodles! An udon chef will guide you in making your own noodles with original bonito soup stock or curry soup stock. You can also opt for a sake tasting a recieve a gift at the end of the class. For a lovely experience with a Japanese noodle chef, try out this cool package!

    Booking details: Experience Handmade Udon Noodle Making

    26. Japanese Umami Cooking Class

    The fun doesn’t end for cooking lovers, as there is also the chance to try “umami” cooking. “Umami” is considered to be the fifth taste which can be discovered with Japanese cooking. Visit a local market where professional chefs often cook to pick up ingredients and learn a special umami recipe. You will also recieve some welcome green tea and an appetiser. Discover the fifth taste with this umami workshop!

    Booking details: Website

    27. Betty’s Mayonnaise Drag Show

    A rather unique experience also in Osaka is the opportunity to see the origin of “New Halfs” – post-op transexuals performing a dance show! This package includes all-you-can-drink, an opportunity to talk with the performers. Meals are not included. All participants must be at least 20 years old.

    Booking details: Join Betty’s Mayonnaise Drag Show in Osaka!

    28. Fishing and Cooking in Restaurant Zauo

    Do you fancy eating at a restaurant where you catch your own food? Work up your appetite by catching your own lobster, sea breams, flouders and more at Restaurant Zauo! These tickets include a reservation to ensure you a seat when you arrive. There are branches of this restaurant in three locations in Tokyo as well as Namba in Osaka. Book your seat and have a unique meal!

    Booking details: Reservation for Fishing and Cooking in a Restaurant – Zauo!

    29. Try Out Japanese Pottery

    For the creative traveller, this is a nice chance to try out real Japanese pottery with a crafting teacher. Knead and shape some clay and create your own design! Afterwards, relax with a drink and some sweets. This activity is appropriate for the whole family, and makes for some nice souvenirs.

    Booking details: Learn how to make Japanese pottery!

    30. Try on a Japanese Yukata

    Common fashion in Japan usually includes western-style clothing, but on special occasions such as festivals and graduation ceremonies, it’s common to wear a kimono, or its summer alternative, a yukata. This workshop will allow you to wear a yukata and learn how to put one on properly, and afterwards, you can take your very own yukata home as a souvenir! This will take place inside a traditional Japanese home. Be sure to provide your height when you book so you can recieve a yukata in your size.

    Booking details: Try a Kimono Lesson – Take Home a Free Yukata as a Souvenir!

    31. Take a Flower Arrangement Class

    Flower arrangement, or ikebana in Japanese, is a long-standing art form that helps people find their sense of inner peace. In Osaka, you can take a class in Japanese flower arrangement from an ikebana expert, and learn how to make a sense of simple harmony and balance the Japanese way. Have your photo taken with your masterpiece and enjoy some Japanese sweets and tea afterwards.

    Booking details: Ikebana: Attend a Japanese flower art lesson

    32. Take a Tour Around Great Spots in Osaka

    Try this tour if you’d like to see the best parts of Osaka all in one fun-filled day! With this package you can see Osaka Castle, the National Museum of Art, ride a water bus to the American Village, and explore Dotonbori, one of Osaka’s most popular shopping streets. This tour is recommended for young couples and families with children as it involves quite a lot of walking.

    Booking details: Cultural Experience in Osaka! 1 Day Tour For Couples & Youth

    33. Learn to Draw Japanese Manga

    Manga is a unique style of drawing you see in various types of Japanese comics and anime. Try this lesson if you’d like to learn how to draw manga! You’ll be taught by a professional illustrator. The teacher will then draw you as a manga character and you can take the picture home with you!

    Booking details: Attend a manga drawing lesson and get your manga portrait!

    34. Take a 1-Day Family-Friendly Tour

    If it’s your first time in Osaka, it can be difficult to decide where to go or what to do. This tour is great for a variety of people but is especially encouraged that families with young children join. In one day, you can see many lovely spots of Osaka such as Dotonbori shopping street, Osaka Castle, Sky Building, and a choice between the Osaka Water Bus or Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.

    Booking details: Unique and Cultural One Day Family Tour in Osaka!

    35. Take a Day Tour “Nature, Ocean, Sky”

    Osaka isn’t all buildings and shops; it is also surrounded by beautiful nature. Get out of the city for the day and take a tour around gorgeous Mt. Temposan and its park, Osaka Castle, and Expo’70 Commemorative Park, depending on which option you choose. Enjoy more of what Kansai has to offer with this tour. Please note that you should wear comfortable shoes as this tour involves a lot of walking.

    Booking details: Private 1 Day Osaka Tour in Nature, Ocean, and from the Sky

    36. Explore the Fish Market and Make Sushi

    How about exploring Osaka’s fish market? Stroll with a trained, government-licensed guide and see how real fishermen prepare one of Japan’s staple foods. Afterwards, head to a Japanese home and learn hw to make three kinds of sushi! You can then enjoy your crafted food at a small sushi party. Enjoy a great day out at Osaka Kizu Wholesale Market, make friends, and learn something new on your journey.

    Booking details: Private Fish Market Walking and Sushi making in Osaka

    37. Go Shopping in Osaka’s Hottest Shopping Areas

    If visiting a city is all about the shopping for you, then you can’t miss this tour! The guide will show you around the south area of Osaka and all the best shops for you to explore.

    Booking details: Tour the Minami Shopping Area or Dotonbori Street in Osaka

    38. Ride a Helicopter over Osaka

    Another way to see Osaka is from the sky! Take off from Maishima Heliport and fly over Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Castle, Tsuutenkaku Tower and more before heading back to Maishima Heliport.

    The tour may be cancelled if the weather is bad. Flight insurance is included in the price.

    Booking details: Osaka sky cruising: Helicopter tour over Osaka

    39. Learn All About Sake

    Japan’s favourite alcoholic beverage has over 1000 years of history and many kinds are enjoyed today in bars and restaurants all over the country. If you’d like to find out more about sake such as its history, ingredients, and how it’s made, check out this 90-minute class where you can learn about what food goes great with which blends, try different types of sake, and leave with your own sake cup souvenir. It’s a must for those who appreciate good drink!

    Booking details: Become a sake master in 90 minutes at the Sake School Osaka

    40. Make Your Own Box and Mat From Traditional Japanese Paper

    Washi paper has been used for decades for many kinds of items, such as traditional sliding doors, fans, and lanterns. At this workshop, you can learn how to make your own items such as a table mat and box with washi paper, from which you can enjoy some free green tea afterwards. Perfect for a cold and rainy day!

    Booking details: Make a table mat & a box from traditional Washi paper, Osaka

    41. Cook Udon and Tempura

    While you’re on a roll making Japanese things, why not try this cooking class, too! Udon is thick noodles and tempura is deep-fried seafood or vegetables. Very close to Ibaraki Station, Osaka, you can learn the process of cooking both of these dishes, as well as other dishes such as egg roll and wagyu steak. Afterwards, you can eat your delicious creations. Enjoy making your own Japanese food with a friendly local!

    Booking details: Make Udon noodles from scratch and tempura near Osaka

    42. Have a Foodie Tour and Visit a Japanese Shrine

    Perhaps you would prefer to experience Osaka at night by sampling local restaurants and bars. If this sounds like you, why not meet up with a local person who knows all the best places to eat and drink? With this guide, you can visit the local “foodie street”, try a seafood barbecue, take a peek at the red light district, and try Osaka’s famous street food. Not only that, but your guide will take you to a local shrine, teach you the Japanese way of respecting the ancient place, and give you a fortune telling experience. Book this tour for an exciting evening in downtown Osaka!

    Booking details: Discover Osaka on a Foodie tour with a shrine visit

    43. Dye Your Own Handkerchief

    For those who’d like to try some local crafts, why not dye your own handkerchief at a kimono shop? The host will pick you up at the station and you’ll be taught the Japanese method of dyeing, which has been used for traditional garments for hundreds of years. Book this tour if you’re interested in culture and would like to try something a little different that is unique to Japan!

    Booking details: Experience dyeing your own handkerchief in Southern Osaka

    44. See Osaka’s Best Nighttime Hotspots in a Short Walking Tour

    Although Osaka is a relatively safe city, it can be more assuring to be guided by a local. Join this affordabe short night walk where you can check out the best evening hotspots and even get discounts in souvenir shops. You may find delicious food and interesting people!

    Booking details: Join a night walk tour around Osaka!

    45. Make Rolled Sushi and Wear a Kimono

    This class allows visitors to wear a real kimono (available for males and females), and make real sushi, tamago yaki, and miso soup! A friendly guide will teach you how to make the dishes and there will be opportunities to take photographs throughout the class.

    *This tour isn’t conducted now.

    46. Explore Kishiwada Castle and More in One Day

    If you’re still new to Osaka and not sure how you can see the best places in a short space of time, consider taking this tour to southern Osaka to see Kishiwada Castle, Kishiki Shrine, and the Danjiri Festival Museum as well as try local food and explore the Kishiwada Castle townscape! A friendly guide will show you these nice spots in under a day and ensure you don’t miss anything during your visit to southern Osaka.

    Booking details: Enjoy Kishiwada Castle Walking & Danjiri Festival Tour, Osaka

    47. See Some Stand-Up Comedy in English

    While you’re in Japan’s funniest city, why not see some stand-up comedians who talk about life in Japan as a foreigner? You’ll find reasonably priced food and drinks and some laugh-out-loud moments. You might even be lucky enough to see a celebrity guest!

    Booking details: ROR Comedy Club – English Stand-Up Comedy in Osaka!

    48. Have a Temaki Sushi Making Party

    In this tour, not only will you make your own temaki sushi with bonito flakes and seven toppings as well as miso soup, but rather than a serious class, it is a fun activity that you can enjoy for several hours! Visit with your friends and make different kinds of Japanese food. Afterwards, the host will give you a detailed recipe so you can make it again after you go home!

    Booking details: Enjoy a temaki sushi class at a home party in Osaka!

    49. Pick Your Own Vegetables and Cook a Meal

    If you’re the outdoor type, would you like to try harvesting your very own vegetables and then cooking your breakfast with them? Just ten minutes by bus from Osaka is a Japanese field where you can go pick your own veggies and cook a delicious morning meal with them. Depending on the time of year, you can get different types of vegetables, and if you wish to visit another spot such as the Ramen Museum afterward, your host will be happy to take you.

    You can contact the host in advance if you’d like to know the type of vegetables available to pick during the season you’d like to visit. The host will also notify you three days before if the weather’s forecast is rainy.

    Booking details: Have a breakfast in the field & make Japanese friends, Osaka

    50. Learn Japanese Nihon Buyo Dancing

    Do you know what Nihon Buyo is? With this tour, you can see a special dance performance with an interpreter before learning this fun dance yourself! Meet local Japanese people and learn about the local area as well as getting a little exercise in a fun and interesting way!

    Booking details: Let’s Dance “Nihon Buyo” and make Japanese friends, Osaka

    51. Dress as a Maiko

    Studio Nadeshiko is offering an opportunity to dress as a maiko geisha at a special price! The costume, hair styling, make up, and fitting are all included so you don’t need to worry about a thing. Afterwards, take stunning photographs with a professional photographer. Have the ultimate souvenir to show off to your friends and social media followers!

    Booking details: Discounted Oiran or Maiko Photo Studio Packages in Osaka!

    52. Have a Cosmetic Electro-Acupuncture Facelift

    While in Osaka, why not treat yourself or a loved one to some top-quality specialist treatment? With electro-acupuncture, you can firm the bags around your eyes and get firmer, younger-looking skin in less than an hour. If you book through Voyagin, your guide will arrange the booking details and come with you to interpret between Japanese and English. Come back from your trip to Osaka with healthier-looking and more beautiful skin!

    Booking details: Japanese Natural Facelift: Cosmetic Electro-Acupuncture

    53. Have a Family Friendly 1-Day Tour of Osaka

    If you’re visiting Osaka as a family, especially if you have small children, then tours that involve drinking or late nights may not be an option for you. If that’s the case, try out this family-friendly day tour in Osaka where you can see spots that are both famous and little-known! See the Pokemon Center, visit Osaka’s famous Dotonbori street, explore Osaka Castle, and take a ride on a boat! You can also choose an option where you visit an aquarium or the takoyaki museum. The tour is pretty flexible, so choose what you want to do and get the most out of Osaka’s best spots in one day.

    Booking details: Enjoy 1 Day Unique Family Tour in Osaka!

    54. 1-Day Private Osaka Trip for Girls

    Visiting Osaka as a group of ladies? Try this special tour where you can eat, drink, and shop in Osaka. Visit Aizondo Shomanin Temple, which hosts the God of matchmaking and marriage, shop at the hottest high street stores in Dotonbori, and visit specialist shop selling unique items like Japanese dolls and washi paper. For an unforgettable guided day out having fun in one of Japan’s coolest cities, book this tour!

    Booking details: Eat, Play, and Shop! 1 Day Private Osaka Trip for Girls

    55. Tea Ceremony in a Japanese Home

    This is a great chance to taste a bit of Japanese tradition. With this tour, you can visit a real Japanese home and participate in the traditional tea ceremony. It includes learning a bit about the history of Japanese tea and how the ceremony works before you make your own green tea and enjoy drinking it accompanied with traditional Japanese sweets called wagashi.

    Booking details: Participate in a tea ceremony in a real Japanese home, Osaka

    56. Wear a Kimono

    This selection is great for people who are interested in trying a real Japanese kimono. Enter a Japanese home, choose your favourite from a selection of beautiful designs, have an expert help you put it on, and enjoy a photo shoot of you wearing it. Make some lovely memories of you getting a taste of Japanese tradition.

    Booking details: Wear a beautiful kimono in a real Japanese home in Osaka

    57. Visit Osaka for One Day and One Night from Tokyo

    Are you not in Osaka now but you’re interested in visiting? If you haven’t booked your hotel yet and don’t have a concrete Osaka plan, consider getting this package deal where you can have a round-trip to Osaka by bullet train from Tokyo with sightseeing recommendations and a one-night stay in a hotel included. This is perfect for those who are in Tokyo and are interested in visiting Osaka for a day.

    Booking details: Round-trip bullet train ticket and one night stay in Osaka!

    58. Make Handmade Udon Noodles

    Go to an udon restaurant in Osaka and learn how to make these delicious Japanese noodles! The English-speaking staff will guide you and help you make your very own authentic noodles to take home with you. The tour is currently at a special discount, so book it soon for best value.

    Booking details: Try to make handmade Udon noodles in Osaka!

    59. Explore Osaka’s Castle, Gardens and Temples by Private Car

    For those who can’t or don’t want to walk very far in one day, there is also an option to see some of Osaka’s most beautiful spots in the comfort of private transportation. Relax in a private car and let the English speaking tour guide to the work! You can see some nice places such as Osaka Castle, the city’s gardens, and Shinto and Buddhist shrines. This tour is perfect for those travelling with older people.

    Booking details: Explore Osaka’s Castle, Gardens and Temples by Private Car

    60. Osaka Night Food Tour

    After an exciting day of sightseeing and seeing Osaka by day, why not head out and experience it by night? Bring an empty stomach and a huge appetite and travel around Dotonbori to sample some of Osaka’s best food, sit in a cooking area, and make new friends on this delicious touring experience!

    Booking details: Embark on a Delicious Osaka Night Food Tour

    61. Learn to Play the Shamisen and Try Ozashiki Games!

    Would you like to experience Japan beyond temples and museums? This unique tour allows you to learn how to play the shamisen, a traditional Japanese stringed instrument, and play some Japanese games, all with English guidance. With this tour, you can do something a little different that will surely create some unforgettable memories.

    Booking details: Experience playing the Shamisen and play Ozashiki Games!

    62. See the Bustling Market Streets of Osaka

    Market and shopping fanatic? You can’t miss all the amazing markets in Osaka! From the high street style to unique and local, you can explore all Japan’s third biggest city has to offer, sample delicious street food, shop for clothing bargains, and grab some unique souvenirs.

    Booking details: See the markets of Osaka, from High Style to Highly Local

    63. Check Out Some Local Horse Racing

    Horse racing is quite popular in Japan and if you’re interested in seeing it in Japan, you can enjoy this day out to the tracks. Try some nice food, watch an exciting horse race, and even have a go at riding the horses yourself if you wish! This day out is completely child-friendly, too, so families as well as groups and individuals are welcome to join.

    Booking details: Watch an exciting Japanese horse racing near Osaka or Kyoto

    64. Make Takoyaki in Namba

    Takoyaki is a delicious octopus dish that you can enjoy making in one of Osaka’s most popular areas, Namba. It takes place in a Japanese izakaya pub where you will be instructed on how to make the takoyaki and then have a go at making it yourself. You can also eat your beautiful creations at the izakaya and order some drinks to go with them (not included in the fee). Children and adults are welcome to this class.

    Booking details: Experience making Takoyaki in Namba, Osaka!

    65. Kart Racing

    Would you like to try go-kart racing? Try this tour for a fun-filled day of driving go-karts! Compete in fun races or ride alongside a driver if you’d prefer. The instructor is a racing driver who can speak English and Chinese as well as Japanese.

    Booking details: Try kart racing in Osaka, Japan!

    66. Munch on Tempura and Watch Bullet Trains

    Bullet trains, commonly called shinkansen in Japan, are among the fastest trains in the world. If you’re interested in shinkansen and would like to watch them speed past, check out the tour below. You can try some delicious tempura, which is deep-fried vegetables or seafood, after seeing these amazing trains.

    Booking details: See the high-speed Shinkansen and eat Tempura in Osaka

    67. See a Football Game

    Football crazy? Catch a soccer game in Osaka! With this package, you can meet up with a football-loving local who will teach you how to root for your favourite team the Japanese way before you head to the stadium to watch a game. Bond with locals over your love of football and enjoy a game during your trip! This tour is also available in Kyoto.

    Booking details: Watch an exciting football game in Nagoya, Osaka or Kyoto!

    68. Experience Japanese Rakugo

    Rakugo is a Japanese form of comedy involving a funny story told by a solo performer. Although it is, of course, usually conducted in Japanese, there’s a chance for you to experience this side-tickling entertainment in English! Your instructor will teach you a little about Rakugo history, and you can even have a go at telling your own funny story! Experience Japanese culture in Japan’s funniest city with this tour.

    Booking details: Experience sit-down comedy Rakugo in English in Osaka!

    69. Get Business Consultation and Legal Advice

    This service is for those travelling to Osaka for business or visited for pleasure and became interested in investment or buying property. Recieve legal advice and business consultation in the duration of your trip, and find out more about things like purchasing property, studying in Japan, getting a job or starting a business. The team will meet you at your hotel and have a two-hour meeting with you on the business-related topic of your choice.

    Booking details: Receive Business Consultation & Legal Advice in Osaka

    70. Explore the Best Fishing Tools Shops in Osaka with an Expert

    If you love fishing, there is also a chance to see some great fishing equipment! Spend an entire day with a fishing enthusiast who can show you good places to buy lures, reels, and rods at great prices. The host can meet you at your hotel if you wish, and lunch is included in the tour.

    Booking details: Explore the best fishing tools shops in Osaka with an expert
    *Not available

    71. Learn to Make Everyday Japanese Food at a Cooking Class

    This is another fun cooking class, with alot more food involved. Your host will help you prepare your own beef curry, bento lunch box with egg, fried chicken, rice, and vegetables, and tempura. This two and a half hour class can be taken on weekends and Mondays.

    Booking details: Home Cooking Class! Learn to make everyday Japanese food!

    72. Participate in a Thrilling Survival Game Experience

    Would you like to experience a survival game wearing camouflage wear and wielding BB guns? This exciting game can be enjoyed in many parts of Japan, including Osaka! It’s all held indoors, so you can go even if the weather isn’t good. Find out more about this thrilling experience.

    Booking details: Try a Survival Game Experience in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka

    73. Explore Osaka in a Private Taxi Day Tour

    For an entire day, you can explore Osaka in the comfort of a private taxi. Your guide will show you some of the best places in the city, such as historic spots, shrines, temples, Osaka Castle, and a sky garden. You’ll also have the chance to browse a bustling shopping street. Explore Osaka with complete peace of mind in this luxurious tour.

    Booking details: Explore Osaka in a private taxi day tour!

    74. Cooking Class and a Tour of an Old Japanese House

    With this tour, you can choose from set meals on the list and learn how to cook it from scratch! These include prk, fish, teriyaki, miso soup, tempura, and a lot more. Afterwards, you can take a look around a traditional Japanese house and the area around it.

    Booking details: Cooking class in an old Japanese-style house

    75. Learn How to Make Traditional Japanese Sweets

    “Wagashi” are traditional Japanese sweets that go beautifully with green tea. The sweetness of the wagashi compliments the slightly bitter taste of the tea. Often, wagashi is presented in small shapes such as flowers or animals, making them a small art form. Learn about how wagashi is made at a factory and then make two kinds yourself! You can eat them with tea or take them back with you as a souvenir.

    Booking details: Learn how to make wagashi – Japanese traditional sweets!

    76. Enjoy Osaka City’s Night Views

    There are a few places in Osaka to catch some stunning night views. The host will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel and take you to two different buildings where you’ll see Osaka from the sky! Enjoy the city in all its night wonder from these skyscrapers.

    Booking details: Enjoy an Awesome Night View of Osaka City

    77. Check Out Cute Items in Matsuyamachi

    Are you into all things kawaii, or cute? Matsuyamachi is where you want to be! Head there for a fun shopping tour to find toys, Japanese snacks, fireworks, Japanese dolls, and more. Children will love all the fun treats in store!

    Booking details: Kawaii Japanese Shopping Tour at Matsuyamachi

    78. Have a Picnic at Osaka Castle, Eat a Lot, and Soak in a Hot Spring

    When the weather is good, the area around Osaka Castle is a lovely place to have a picnic. Make a Japanese-style “bento” lunch at a Japanese family’s home and enjoy eating it before taking a walk around Osaka Castle Park. Later, have an okonomiyaki dinner and soak in a hot spring in the evening. This gorgeous day out will surely be an unforgettable experience with good people and great food!

    Booking details: Enjoy a Picnic at Osaka Castle

    79. See Museums and More in One Day

    If museums are more your thing, check out this tour where you can see several places, including three museums, in a half-day tour in Osaka. Learn about ukiyoe traditional pictures, Japanese ceramics, and science in one action-packed day! Lunch is included in this deal.

    Booking details: A Half-day Tour for Osaka Geeks!

    80. Experience an Organic Farm in the Countryside Near Osaka

    Are you interested in organic farming? Not far from the hustle and bustle of Osaka’s metropolitan area are farms where people grow their own food. Try this hands-on experience where you can learn how the local people manage their farm and live a slower life than those of the ultra-modern city. For lunch, you can learn to cook seasonal vegetables grown on the farm.

    Booking details: Experience Organic Farm in Osaka Countryside

    81. Watch the Gamba Osaka Team Play Soccer

    There’s an English-speaking soccer fanatic in Osaka who would like to see a football game with you! Gamba Osaka is one of the most popular teams in Japan. Meet your host at Banpaku Park and he’ll take care of the rest. Grab a snack from the food stand and enjoy the game!

    Booking details: Watch a Soccer Game in Osaka

    82. Visit Korea Town in Osaka

    Many people may not know that Osaka has a Korea Town! It is located along Miyuki-Dori Street which is close to JR Tsuruhashi Station. You could spend an afternoon here browsing the shops selling Korean goods and clothes, or visit one of the many Korean restaurants here to sample Korean sushi, Korean Barbeque, and delicious Bibimbap (Korean rice dish).

    Said to be the biggest Korea Town in Japan, this area is brimming with life and history, and is well worth a visit if you are curious about Korean culture and cuisine!


    Osaka Tours for Those Who Also Want to Go to Other Areas

    The areas around Osaka are also worth visiting, and if you can do several in a short space of time, all the better! Here are some tours that cover several places including Osaka, or are day tours that depart from Osaka.

    83. Have a Full Private Full Day Tour in Kansai

    If you’re in Japan for the first time or don’t have time to explore everything, check out the below tour with set itineraries allowing you to experience some great parts of Kansai, which includes Kobe, Kyoto, and Osaka. The schedule is quite flexible so you can mix and match activities you’d like to do. These include temple visits, shrines, parks, castles, boat rides, and shopping. Click the link below for more details. Make the most of your trip with these helpful itinerary ideas!

    Booking details: Customize and embark on a Private Full Day Tour in Kansai

    84. See the Minoh Waterfalls and Katsuoji Temple

    Not far from Osaka is Minoh, brimming with culture and history. Why not take a half-day break to Minoh where you can walk up to the Minoh Waterfalls and see Katsuoji Temple? Have afternoon tea in Hashimoto-tei and finish your fun day at an izakaya bar with your host.

    Booking details: Take a half-day tour to Minoh Waterfalls and Katsuoji Temple

    85. Go on an Onsen Trip from Osaka

    Have you ever tried a Japanese hot spring, also called “onsen”? There are plenty of chances in Japan to get away from the city and relax in manmade or natural hot springs all over this volcanic country. You can head for Katsuura Onsen, have an overnight stay included at Shirahama Onsen, or explore the exciting Arima Onsen. For help on finding hot springs in general, click the link below.

    Booking details: Enjoy Professional Onsen (Hot Spring) Concierge Service

    86. Take a Day Trip to Osaka from Tokyo

    Are you in Tokyo and curious about a day trip to Osaka? Try this tour, where you’ll head to Osaka in the morning and see sights like Shitennoji Temple, Osaka Castle, and Umeda Sky Building and more before speeding your way back to Tokyo. You can choose between a full day tour r half-day tour, and all tickets are delivered to your hotel for a hassle-free day.

    Booking details: Day trip to Osaka from Tokyo with a guide by Shinkansen

    87. Take a Day Trip to Kyoto

    If Osaka is your main location but you’d like a day to check out Kyoto too, look no further! Head there in style by bullet train with a guide and visit some of Kyoto’s must-sees such as Ginkakuji Temple, Kiyomizudera Temple, and Nijo-jo Castle. Tickets are mailed to your hotel in advance so it skips lining up at the station. Check out the link for more information.

    Booking details: Day trip to Kyoto from Osaka with a guide by Shinkansen

    88. Take the Tateyama Alpine Route and Stay at Hakuba Village for a Night

    This exciting trip leaves from Osaka and takes you to Nagano and Toyama to explore some hidden scenic spots of Japan. Take a cable car and ropeway and see some stunning local scenery and the night at Hakuba Village before heading back to Osaka the next day. Go off the beaten path of Japan sightseeing and spend a night in nature.

    Booking details: Tateyama Alpine Route & Stay at Hakuba Village from Osaka!

    89. Visit Ena Gorge and Stay at a 5-Star Hotel in Gifu!

    Visit Gifu and rejuvinate in a five star hotel with an open air bath. Try the local Hida beef and visit Ena Gorge and Shirakawago for its gorgeous natural views and nature. For a break from the city and a fun stay somewhere new, check out the link below for further details.

    Booking details: Visit Ena Gorge & Shirakawago & Stay At 5 Stars Hotel!

    90. Have a Romantic Getaway in the Japanese Countryside in Winter

    Since Osaka is located near the centre of Honshu, it is within reaching distance of many places in Japan. This trip, available in winter, will take you to Shirakawago for a romantic getaway. Have lunch in Mino, see a special illumination event in Hida Folk Village, stay in a resort and explore more of the area the next day. Please keep in mind you can only book this tour for two people or more.

    Booking details: Visit Shirakawago & Stay at Takayama’s Highest Grade Hotel!

    91. Day Trip to Fukuoka with a Guide

    For somewhere a little warmer, try this trip to Fukuoka from Osaka. You can ride a bullet train there and see many great spots like Ohori Park, Fukuoka Castle Ruins, and Nakasu. Sample the famous Hakata ramen and relax knowing everything is booked and taken care of. Be whisked away for the day and explore more of Japan.

    Booking details: Day trip to Fukuoka from Osaka with a guide by Shinkansen

    92. Take 2 Days in Hiroshima and Kurashiki Tour from Osaka

    Day trips are fun, but they can make you feel rushed to see everything in just a few hours. This tour allows a two-night stay in Hiroshima and Kurashiki, with visits to famous gardens, the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, and the famous Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. See the floating shrine in Miyajima and make some unforgettable memories in some of Japan’s most beautiful spots.

    Booking details: Enjoy a 2-Days Hiroshima & Kurashiki Tour from Osaka!

    93. 5-Day Package Tour for Osaka and Kyoto

    Would you like to see Osaka and Kyoto, two of the most popular cities in Japan, in more detail? Maybe one or two days isn’t enough for you. If that’s the case, consider this special five-day tour ideal for friends travelling together. Experience both cities’ gorgeous nightlife and popular spots as well as taking a trip to Nara and experiencing its natural wonders.

    Booking details: Enjoy Osaka: a 5-day package tour (minimum 5 adults)

    94. Go Skiing in Shiga

    Do you know the best places in Japan to enjoy the snow? Why not head to Shiga Prefecture from Osaka this winter? Go skiing in Biwako valley and create some great memories! The tour includes the departure from Osaka’s Namba Station, the ski resort ticket, and a 1000 yen voucher for lunch.

    Booking details: Enjoy Snow Play in Biwako Valley, Shiga, from Osaka!

    95. Customise Your Own Private Half-Day Tour in Kansai

    Explore Kansai with peace of mind with this customisable private half-day tour. Locations include Nara, Kyoto, and of course Osaka. Popular places of interest include temples, gardens, aquariums, and museums.

    Booking details: Customise and embark on a Private Half Day Tour in Kansai

    96. Explore Sake Breweries in Kobe

    Osaka isn’t the only place to explore breweries! Join this flexible tour to find out how sake is made at the Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum, have an authentic lunch in an old Japanese house, and get the chance to taste and purchase some sake to take home. Why not take a day from Osaka and explore the history and flavours of real Japanese rice wine?

    Booking details: Kobe: Explore the Sake Breweries

    97. Have a Day Trip to Hiroshima

    While in Osaka, there is also an opportunity to take a day trip to the famous Hiroshima! Take a bullet train to on of Japan’s most famous cities and have either a half-day or full-day tour where you’ll see some great spots like Hiroshima Castle, Itsukushima Shrine, and the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park. All your tickets are mailed to your hotel to guarantee a hassle-free trip.

    Booking details: Day trip to Hiroshima from Osaka by Shinkansen (guided tour)

    Extra Information to Make Your Trip to Osaka Easier
    1. Bullet Train Tickets

    If you’re planning to visit other great places in Japan during your stay in Osaka, you can save a lot of money and time by booking your bullet train tickets in advance. For more information, click the link below.

    Booking details: Get Shinkansen Bullet Train Tickets!

    2. Airport and Osaka Car Transfer

    Avoid the hassle of working out local trains by pre-booking a private car from Kansai Airport to the city center. Relax and arrive at your destination in style!

    Booking details: Enjoy Airport Transfer to/from Kansai Airport by car, Osaka!

    3. Get Medical Advice and Support

    Travel with complete peace of mind by pre-booking medical support during your trip to Japan. Get professional advice and get assistance in finding clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies, and when you visit a medical facility, get English to Japanese translation. This affordable service is worth getting for peace of mind while on vacation.

    Booking details: Get medical support through phone during your stay in Japan

    4. Get Help Buying Tickets

    This free service helps you buy tickets for events and venues. If you’d like to buy tickets but you’re not sure how or where to get them, Voyagin will assist you and ensure your visit to Japanese sights is as hassle-free as possible.

    Booking details: Get Tickets for Attractions in Japan!

    With these 99 things to do in Osaka and all the extra advice, your trip is guaranteed to be much easier! Add as much as you can to your itinerary and experience Japan in all its weird, wonderful, and beautiful glory. Osaka is considered the funniest city in Japan and is visited by many tourists year-round for its unique charm. While you’re traveling, don’t forget to grab your Suica or Pasmo card that will make traveling on trains a lot easier suring your stay. Have a great time!

    Would you like to stay in Osaka? Check out all the hotels in the area here!