Appreciate Contemporary Art in a Unique Setting at This Unmissable Event in Osaka

  • ART OSAKA (アート大阪) is an annual summer art fair and is one of the large art festivals in Japan. 2017 will mark its 15th year and for this year’s edition, 54 art galleries from within Japan and from other countries will be participating. ART OSAKA is an interesting event where hotel rooms are used as venues for exhibiting art, bringing artwork and hotel guests together in close proximity to advocate an art-filled community and everyday life. Let’s learn more about this event!

    ART OSAKA 2017

    ART OSAKA 2017 is going to take place at Hotel Granvia Osaka (ホテルグランヴィア大阪) from July 8th to 9th, 2017. A one-day pass costs 1,500 yen (approximately 14 USD) and admission is free for kids who are elementary students or younger when accompanied by a guardian. Hotel Granvia Osaka is directly accessible from the JR Osaka Station (大阪駅).

    Throughout the festival, 64 hotel rooms are going to be turned into art galleries and will show over 150 pieces of art from the 54 participating art galleries. Out of these 54 galleries, 21 are from the Kansai (関西) region, 27 from non-Kansai regions, three from Taiwan, two from Korea, and one from Macau. This diverse range of galleries brings an interesting diversity of works to the art festival.

    The artworks range from affordable pieces by young and upcoming artists to pieces by internationally renowned artists. The various works on display range from paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, and installations that are all under the genre of contemporary art.

    ART OSAKA 2017 is the perfect place to visit if you are interested in contemporary Japanese and Asian art. Not only can you experience art in a new environment that is the living space of hotel rooms, you also have the chance to purchase art on the spot if you please.


    Some of the unique artworks that will be available and on display at ART OSAKA 2017 are the following:

    1. Gold (venus) by Yukari Araki (荒木由香里)

    2. Protopterus amphibius (プロトプテルス・アンフィビウス) by Hironori Hashi (橋 寛憲)

    3. forever (ずっと) by Suzuka Sada (佐田涼香)

    4. Orogenesis Revolution (造山輪廻 30) by Kunihiro Ono (尾野訓大)


    I would also like to introduce a few galleries that will be participating in ART OSAKA 2017:


    TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY, since its opening in Osaka as a contemporary art gallery in 1992, has been a supportive space for newly emerging Japanese artists by allowing them to exhibit their work. The gallery focuses on exhibiting and helping out young artists.

    2. Gallery Suchi

    Gallery Suchi is a gallery located in Tokyo (東京) that features contemporary artists who express a new kind of reality each artist feels and experiences in their lives. Each artwork is made using advanced skills that express realism in the genres of painting, sculpture, or photography. The works at Gallery Suchi are sure to test your perception of reality and make you see the world through the eyes of the artists.

    3. BLANC ART

    BLANC ART is an art gallery in Macau. Founded in 2013 and located in the commercial and financial district on the Macau Peninsula, BLANC ART’s mission is to promote wonderful and innovative artists from all around the world and nurture their talent. They are operating under the concept of “Art into life, life into art.” The artworks in this gallery are made by artists from Asia, Europe, and the US. BLANC ART also aims to promote a general sense of art appreciation in the surrounding community.

    If you are interested in enjoying contemporary artwork this summer, be sure to visit ART OSAKA 2017. It might be the perfect opportunity to find your new favorite artist or art piece.

    ART OSAKA 2017 Website

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