Explore Japan’s Awesome Coastline at These 3 Paradise-Like Beaches!

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  • Many people don’t know how incredible some beaches are in Japan. Though the country is commonly associated with skyscrapers, city lights, and bustling streets, it is also home to an awesome coastline. Its long and thin length as an island country being surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Japan makes it abundant in nice beaches. Since summer is here, let’s introduce three of the paradise-like beaches perfect for marine adventures!

    1. Jodogahama Beach (浄土ヶ浜)

    Jodogahama Beach is also known as “Pure Land Beach” owing to its deep blue sea, green pines, and white rocks. The rock formations are typically sharp which resulted from the Paleogene Period, a notable period in history when mammals where diversified.

    The place is truly great for swimming because of its clean water and gentle waves, and is also popular for rock climbing. It has even been listed in Japan’s 100 Best Beaches. It has several facilities such as a marine house, a bus terminal building, a rest house, and a boat rental service. You may also try the Sappa Boat Cruise (さっぱ船遊覧) at the Blue Cave, Hachinoheana (八戸穴), by using a small fishing boat. This boat tour costs 1,500 yen per head for 20 minutes and is held in groups of 2 to 7.

    Local area website

    2. Yurigahama Beach (百合ヶ浜)

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    This beach is located in Yoron Island (与論島), also known as “The Pearl of the Orient.” It is situated 1.5 kilometers offshore from Okaneku Beach (大金久海岸), which is the largest beach on the island. Yurigahama Beach is a white sand bar that is only visible during the low tide during certain times of the year, so it’s pretty special.

    It usually makes an appearance between April and October. However, every time the beach appears, it is a different shape and in a different location! Its water is crystal clear and its sand is pure white. People come to the place to snorkel or even have a wedding ceremony. The place is a dreamy and heavenly location for beach lovers and there are many beautiful spots to explore there.

    Yoron Island website *Japanese only

    3. Suishohama Beach (水晶浜)

    Suishohama Beach is a popular beach destination for tourists coming from within and outside Fukui Prefecture (福井県). It has powder-like sparkling white sand and is famous for marine sports such as windsurfing.

    Suishohama Beach is also one of the perfect locations to watch the sunrise and sunset. It is clean and rarely overcrowded which is just perfect for some relaxing sea bathing in summer. You are welcome to bring your own tents, tables, chairs, parasols, food, and drinks. The place can be reached by car in 30 minutes from Tsuruga (敦賀) IC on the Hokuriku Expressway (北陸自動車道). This is definitely a perfect beachside gateway.

    Local area website

    Japan has a lot of beautiful beaches to visit that are less crowded than main attractions. Instead of going abroad for your summer swimming getaway, head to these three paradise-like beaches and cross them off your bucket list! These beaches are all about blue ocean and great sand, as well as Japan’s cleanliness and safety. Experience the country from a different perspective and relax on a Japanese beach this summer!