Find Your Olympian Sports Potential at This Prestigious University in Tokyo!

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  • Japan is one of those countries which never ceases to showcase its talent in any major sports event. The Japanese are keen on sports such as judo, gymnastics, athletics, wrestling, ski jumping, speed skating, and others. Tokyo hosted the 1964 summer Olympics and it is all ready to host it for the second time in 2020. Have you ever wondered how Japan makes these world-class athletes? The answer is in its education system which gives scope for students to excel in sports.

    There are many universities which offer courses in health and sports sciences in Japan to which you can apply easily. However, there are a few prestigious organizations, such as the Nippon Sport Science University, which produced a huge number of Olympians in Japan.

    History of the Nippon Sport Science University (NSSU;日本体育大学)

    Nippon Sport Science University is probably the oldest center for sports education in Japan, which started initially as a small association of physical fitness during the Meiji (明治) era in 1891 by Tokichiro Hidaka (日高藤吉郎). It became a full-fledged sports university with the implementation of its doctoral program in the year 1998.

    NSSU has produced some mega athletes in fields such as gymnastics, swimming, judo, volleyball, and softball since the end of World War II. The training received at this place is unique with interactive events such as dances, cheering, and cultural and physical performances. One such unique event is the “Lion Cheering”, or “Essassa” which has been passed on as a tradition from senior athletes to their juniors for almost 90 years.

    Located mainly in Setagaya-ku (世田谷区) in Tokyo, the Nippon Sport Science University is looking for future Olympians to join their best sports teams! If you’ve got the spirit to be an Olympian or a physical education trainer, this is one of the best places to join.

    Campus Details

    There are two major campuses: the Setagaya and the Kenshidai (健志台) campuses in Tokyo and Yokohama (横浜), respectively. With state-of-the-art architecture and sports facilities, these campuses beat any other sports training center in Japan. For example, the playing fields at this university are top-quality, giving the athletes grip and a feel of a real mega event as it uses the same turf as in official sports stadiums such as Tokyo Dome.

    Each campus can be divided into educational and sports institutes. Courses such as Budo (武道) Education, Martial Arts, Physical Education, and Children Sport and Emergency Medical Science are offered at the educational institution through which you can get knowledge about sports in general. You can also pursue research in your chosen field and get a recognized degree at the graduate school. In the sports institute, you can practice hard with the help of trained professionals in rings, pools, training centers, and other facilities available there.

    Olympic Record

    The university has been winning medals for Japan since the 1950s in the fields such as gymnastics and swimming. More than a hundred medals, including 38 gold, have been won by NSSU athletes since the Helsinki Olympics in 1952.

    During the Rio De Janeiro Olympics in 2016, medals were won in the fields of gymnastics and freestyle wrestling. NSSU is one university with world-class facilities that can bring medal winning potential out of a regular sportsman.

    The university is ready to produce more Olympians for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Apart from the Olympians, the university produces cheerleaders, instructors, sports officials, researchers, public welfare consultants, and more.

    You can contact the university staff and get more information about clubs, courses, and other things you would like to know. Aspire a sports career through this prestigious university in Japan by joining and finding your potential!

    Nippon Sport Science University website

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