Get a Discount for Wearing High Heels at this Café Bar in Osaka!

  • Every pair of new shoes takes some time to break into, and nothing is more comfortable than wearing open flat shoes in summer. However, walking in high heels is considered to be an elegant footwear choice. For those who love wearing high heels, here’s an economic incentive for you!

    MyPlace (マイプレイス), a café and bar in Hilton Osaka (ヒルトン大阪), is offering discounts on food and beverages to ladies who are wearing heels at least two inches (5cm) high. And guess what? The higher their shoe’s heel, the bigger discount you’ll get!

    The Reality of Wearing Heels

    Women who wear high heels are often considered to carry a sense of sophistication. It makes them look stylish and confident. Many women wear heels to look taller, slimmer, and to feel more attractive. It also gives them a stylish look which can get a lot of attention. It gives women a feeling of having a good posture, thus giving them confidence. Depending on the style of heels, they can also compliment the attractiveness of the clothes the person is wearing.

    On the other hand, wearing heels sometimes has a painful side. They can give the wearer foot or back pain and leg strain. Walking for a long distance in heels can be painful. Wearing high heels often can cause serious leg and foot injuries in the future. However, in our society today, there are comfortable heels you can find in shops. Always look for a pair with a supportive sole, a thick heel, and a low arch.

    High Heel Ladies’ Night Discount

    If you’ve already found the perfect pair of comfortable heels, head to Hilton Osaka’s first floor where you can find MyPlace. Hilton Osaka is located across the city’s main station and Grand Front Osaka Mall (グランフロント大阪). The place is proven to have an easy access to the airport, rail system, and tourist spots.

    This is a stylish place for eating, drinking and relaxing. It offers several dining options such as coffee, tea, sandwiches, fresh juice, salad, elegant cocktails, and more. You may even have late evening bar snacks at the end of the busy day. Starting June 15th, 2017, MyPlace is offering a “High Heels Ladies’ Night Discount” from 6:00pm to 11:30pm on Thursdays. Discounts will depend upon how high your heels are.

    • 5cm = 10% discount
    • 7-9cm = 15% discount
    • 9-11cm = 20% discount
    • 11-13cm = 25% discount
    • 13-15cm = 30% discount
    • More than 15cm = 40% discount

    This simply means the higher the heels are, the more money can be saved!

    This unusual promotion is not only open to guests staying in the hotel, but to everyone. Make your night out different by tossing out your flats and wearing classy high heels that won’t only turn heads, but also save you money! Look sophisticated in Osaka while saving money on food and alcohol while the promotion lasts!

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