Yoron Island, Heaven on Earth

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  • Okinawa is world famous for its beautiful beaches but have you heard of “Yoron Island” in Kagoshima prefecture? If you are sick of everyday life and want to have your holiday somewhere peaceful and quiet, it’s the place for you because this island is not well known even by Japanese people as well.

    It’s located between Okinawa and the main island, 23km north of Okinawa and 563km south of Kagoshima. As its location already suggests, they have an interesting mixed culture of Okinawa and the main island. There are ships and airplanes to Yoron from Okinawa and Kagoshima which you can take.

    Yurigahama Beach

    Kagoshima’s elusive Yurigahama beach appears just off the coast of Yoron Island located at the southernmost point of the prefecture. The shimmering white sand is revealed only during low tide. The beauty of such sparkling, crystal clear seawater is simply breathtaking! It is said that if you can manage to find the same number of star-shaped grains of sand that matches your age, you will know true happiness! Credit:©Kagoshima Prefectural Tourist Federation/©JNTO #YurigahamaBeach #Japan #VisitJapan #IloveJapan #mustsee #thingstodo #placestogo #instapic #travelgram #instatravel #mercurytravels #travelagent #bucketlist #travelblog #travelgoal #travelfeed #BeachHoliday #landscape #wanderlust #travelgoals #nature #mesmerizing #oceanbeach #clearwaterbeach

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    The most famous beach in Yoron is “Yurigahama”. Yuri in Japanese means lily. People named the beach “Yurigahama” because the beach is as beautiful and white as a lily. This beach only shows up 1.5km from the shore when low tide. Unfortunately in winter time the time for low tide is around midnight so there’s normally no access to the beach during winter. There’s a saying that if you collect as many star sand grains (which is a sand shaped like a star) as the number of your age, something nice happens to you. Believe it or not..

    Sunset beach, “Oganeku-kaigan”

    Isn’t it a great way to end your day seeing the sunset on a beautiful beach? Then Kanebokaigan is the place for you. You can even see the main island of Okinawa and two other islands around from the beach.

    Mikonos street

    Yoron Island and Mikonos Island are the sister cities, so there’s a street called Mikonos and you’ll find a lot of white walls like Mikonos island in Greece.

    The heaven does exist in Japan, doesn’t it?
    Blue sky, beautiful white beaches, clear water and colourful fish! Why not visiting Yoron for your next holiday?

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