Discover Nagoya’s Comfort Food at These 2 Kishimen Noodle Shops in the Area

  • Nagoya (名古屋) is popular for its Italian-like flattened udon called “kishimen” noodles. This is a staple cuisine in the area and it can be eaten by first-timers to Japanese cuisine. Its broth is considered to be between the Kansai (関西) and Kanto (関東) style. The noodle is 4.5 mm or more in width, 2 mm in thickness, and is shaped in the form of a band. The noodles can be enjoyed in hot soup or cooled after boiling just like miso soup. If you’d like to try these flat noodles, you can visit these two shops in Nagoya where you can eat the best kishimen in town!

    1. Ekikama Kishimen (驛窯きしめん)

    If you come from the JR Nagoya Station, you can find the Ekikama Kishimen shop close to the central gate exit. The non-smoking shop offers different kishimen flavors such as soy sauce, salt, and miso. This shop is known for its creative kishimen dishes. They often seem to come up with something new and sometimes even offer limited dishes.

    The most popular kishimen here is their Cochin Nanban Kishimen (コーチン南蛮きしめん) which costs 1,030 yen. It has a simple taste which comes in two flavors, soy sauce and salt.

    One delicious combination is their Miso Kishimen and Nagoya Cochin Chicken. The taste of the red miso and the bean chili paste seasons the chicken and noodles. These dishes have a good consistency and deep umami flavor.

    This is a great and convenient place for travelers to dine while waiting for the arrival of their train. The shop is open all throughout the year from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM every day.

    Ekikama Kishimen Website

    2. Miya Kishimen (宮きしめん)

    Miya Kishimen is located on the grounds of Atsuta Jingu Shrine (熱田神宮), one of the country’s three major shrines. This shop is very popular so expect a long queue, especially during lunchtime.

    The place is enjoyable during breezy days as it’s set up under a tent. Their popular kishimen dish is topped with shiitake, spinach, and kamaboko fish cake, which is a traditional type of fish cake.

    The shop has many sister branches. Its Ihee branch (伊兵衛) can let you enjoy traditional course meals. This is a more relaxed place where you can enjoy kishimen leisurely. A seasonal kishimen dish costs 850 yen, while omotenashi courses range from 2,000 yen to 5,000 yen. These omotenashi courses help you enjoy a different style of kishimen cuisine. It is open daily except on Mondays but stays open longer than the branch near Atsuta Shrine.

    Miya Kishimen Atsuta Jingu Shrine Branch Website

    Miya Kishimen Ihee Branch Website

    For the best-tasting kishimen, head to these two convenient shops. Discover Nagoya’s gorgeous areas, people, and comfort food at a historical level. Share your food adventure with your family and friends. This traditional food will surely become one of your favorite Japanese dishes.

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