Kabukicho ” The Sleepless Town”

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    Kabukicho is one of the districts in Shinjuku, that was known as the entertainment and red-light district as it has many entertainment places shops, restaurants, Pachinko, Manga cafe, clubs with live music, host and hostess clubs, and love hotels. It is bounded with people from morning to night, for this reason, this district is often called the “Sleepless Town” ( 眠らない街 – Nemuranaimachi). This district was named Kabukicho in consideration to a kabuki theater that was planned to be build in late-1940s. However, the theater was never achieved but the name stoked.
    Kabukicho is surrounded by four main streets: the Yasukuni Street, Seibu Shinjuku Ekimae Street, Shokuan Street and Shinjuku Kuyakusho Street. This small district has about 600 square filled with more than 4000 commercial establishments.

    Night Life in Kabukicho

    Before you visit Kabukicho, there are something that you should know:
    Kabukicho at night has a different aspect then Kabukicho during the day. As “Sleepless Town”, you can visit this district anytime include at night. But it is imperative that you try to pass the whole night there. I assure you an intensive time full of events. There are many places, interesting to visit such as night music live club, bars, and restaurants that only open at night. You can also find the flashy neon light of buildings in the left and right side of the road and from the advertisement boards.


    Bring a lot of money. As one of the largest entertainment districts in East Asia do not be surprised if the entertainments and goods in Kabukicho are expensive. For a couple of drinks, it can add up to 10,000 yen. You may bring credit card when visiting this district, but I suggest you to bring cash money because some of the establishments accept only cash.

    Advice while going to Kabukicho

    Ask the prices before committing something. It is nice to ask the prices before you buy goods or join to club to prevent unexpected costs.
    Don’t loiter in front of the shops. The people in this district are very active and all of them are rushing. Don’t try to hang out under the roof of the entrance in any shops, it will bother them and visitors even in a rainy day.
    Go home if you feel uncomfortable. If you feel bad or find weird circumstance that you don’t like, just leave it. But enjoy this intensive nightlife town!

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