Ever Heard of A “Dunk Burger”? Try It Out at This Fusion Burger Shop in Kamakura!

  • SLAMs BURGER HOUSE is an interesting mixture of Japanese and Western food culture. With the use of multi-layered lacquer food boxes for their hamburgers, SLAMs has created a new and interesting fusion of two cultures.

    Ojyu boxes (お重箱) are usually used to serve traditional Japanese “osechi” during the three-day-long New Year’s celebration. Instead of using them for osechi, SLAMs BURGER HOUSE decided to use them in serving Western burgers, creating an interesting contrast between the food and the dish it is served on. The red and black lacquer design gives the burgers a traditional Japanese aesthetic.


    Located one minute away from Koshigoe Station (腰越駅) on the Enoden Line (江ノ電), SLAMs BURGER HOUSE is housed in a 100-year-old traditional Japanese house. Apparently, the staff, along with one of the Imperial carpenters, renovated the old home in order to turn it into a modern yet traditional Japanese restaurant that features a sliding glass door and patio space. The interior of the main space has a high ceiling so you can see the rafters, which is common in traditional Japanese homes. The ending result is a very calming space that makes you want to stick around forever even after you’ve finished your delicious meal.

    Their Food

    The main item on SLAMs BURGER HOUSE’s menu is their “dunk burger” (1,480 yen with a drink). The patties are grilled to order and are made from 100% Japanese beef or wagyu (和牛). The set comes with pickles and crispy fries. You can choose from 13 toppings to customize your burger any way you wish. Some of the toppings include tomatoes, onions, cheese, sunny-side up eggs, and avocados. You can also change your burger to a double burger which comes with two patties for an additional 400 yen.

    The unique characteristic of the “dunk burger” is, as the name suggests, the fact that you dunk the burger into a sauce. There are three sauce flavors which you can choose from – wasabi, ginger, and lemon. Each of the sauce matches the juicy patties perfectly so you can’t go wrong with any of them.

    Where did the idea of dunking burgers into a sauce come from? The idea was based on the many traditional Japanese dishes that are eaten by dipping certain items into a sauce. For example, Japanese people dip raw fish (sashimi) into soy sauce, soba noodles into a noodle soup, and tempura (fried shrimp and other vegetables) into a soup as well. After noticing how it is a large part of Japanese food culture, the owner thought, why not try it with a hamburger?

    Their hamburger buns are specially created in a way that they don’t get soggy after dipping them into the sauces, so no need to worry about ending up with a soggy burger! From there, the owner wanted to even further the idea of combining Japanese and Western culture which is why he opted to serve them in lacquer food boxes.

    If you are traveling on the Enoden Line, which runs between Kamakura (鎌倉) and Fujisawa (藤沢) in Kanagawa Prefecture (神奈川県), and looking for a place to eat, make sure to check out SLAMs BURGER HOUSE! You won’t be disappointed with their interesting mix of Japanese and Western food culture in their lacquer food boxes.


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