Enjoy Salad in Form of a Bouquet and More at This Chic Cafe in Sendai, Miyagi

  • I cannot stress how much I love salad. There is just a never-ending list of how you can arrange your salad, and when I found out that there was a cafe in Sendai (仙台) that serves salads in the form of bouquets, I knew I had to visit. Let’s check it out!

    Café Vert (カフェヴェール)

    Café Vert in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture (宮城県) opened in early 2017 and is becoming increasingly popular due to its aesthetically pleasing dishes which do well on SNS platforms. This cafe is sure to have you take out your phone and snapping some delicious shots.

    Café Vert is 10 minutes by car from Sendai Station. There is greenery spread throughout the cafe, making guests feel like they are at a garden party in the forests of Alice in Wonderland amongst the Mad Hatter and his crew.

    Salad Bouquet

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    The most popular menu item at Café Vert, of course, is their “salad bouquet.” The salad bouquets are, as the name suggests, salads in the form of flower bouquets. Instead of leaves, there is lettuce and paprika mixed with ham, shrimp, and salmon which are made into the shape of flowers. The flowers placed on top of the bouquet to give the arrangement a splash of color are all edible so you can enjoy them as a part of your meal as well.


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    Many of the other menu items at Café Vert are made using a plentiful amount of vegetables, too. Their sandwiches are filled to the brim with vegetables. The menu changes every month and an example of the sandwiches from a previous month would be one made with cabbage, lettuce, carrots, a sunny-side up egg, and bacon. The colorful sandwiches are also SNS worthy.


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    Café Vert is also very proud of their galettes. Galettes are pancakes made out of buckwheat flour, the same ingredient as Japanese soba. There are three types of galettes available at Café Vert, starting with their prosciutto and tomato galette. Each galette is topped off with an enormous amount of vegetables, hiding the galette base itself. There is a half raw sunny-side egg in the middle, so I highly recommend breaking the egg and mixing it in with the rest of the items on the plate and using it as a sauce.


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    The most popular dessert menu item is their Crêpe Suzette, which is a crepe with hot caramel sauce, orange juice, orange peel, and flambéed liquor. One of the reasons for this dessert’s popularity is the tableside flambé performance. The fluffy crepe becomes even softer after being boiled, and the scoop of ice cream that is placed on top and the hot sauce creates a wonderful harmony of textures and flavors.

    Another upside of Café Vert is that all of their menu items are extremely affordable and wallet-friendly. The galettes are between 650 to 750 yen, while the salad bouquet is 600 yen. Café Vert also has an extensive course menu that you can utilize for special occasions so make sure to call the restaurant to see if they can help you plan for any kind of occasion.

    If you are in the Sendai City area, be sure to check out Café Vert. You will definitely have a wonderful time at this photogenic restaurant and have more than enough aesthetically pleasing photos by the time you finish your meal.

    Café Vert Website

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