Rose Festival in Huis Ten Bosch

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    Rose and festival – two completely different words but are both related to love, happiness, and celebration. Just imagine these two words being used together. It is an indisputably pleasurable experience of senses.

    The Location

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    Huis Ten Bosch is a Dutch-inspired theme park in Nagasaki. It is a huge park where the buildings and surroundings would make you feel as if you were in Europe, but in fact you are in the island of Kyushu, Japan.
    You can do so many fun things in this park, but here I will talk primarily about the theme park’s Rose Festival occurring in spring ( from May to June).

    All About Roses

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    One of the grandest flower celebrations in Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki is the Rose Festival. By the name itself, rose fanatics will certainly go crazy about it. The park boasts of its one thousand varieties of roses which blooms completely during this event. There you will see that roses are not just red. There are so many different shades of colors. There are shades of red, pink, purple, yellow, orange. A blast of colors everywhere. Also, you will see roses in different sizes and form. Big, small, tiny. There are even single-petalled roses.The kinds or roses that you may have never seen before. It’s absolutely amazing!

    My Experience

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    I can still remember even now how unexplainable the feeling was when I first experienced it four years ago. It was like heaven on the earth. I was surrounded with roses. Everywhere I turned, there were roses. I smelled the air, smiled and said ‘cheese’ to my camera. And almost everyone who was there was doing the same. The sweet smell of the air was so amazingly pleasant. It was like I was in a fragrance commercial tipping my head back smelling the air. It was ecstasy! That spot where roses of all colors and all sizes bloom is more than a ‘bed’ of roses. It was a ‘world’ of roses.


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    ​With its pretty colors, soft petals and pleasant fragrant, roses are just wonderful. A true nature’s gift. No wonder why so many girls are named Rose. It doesn’t only mean a flower. It means beauty. It means magnificence.


    Huis Ten Bosch Rose Festival