Have a Perennial Feast of Oysters at Emit Fishbar

  • There’s a popular myth about only eating oysters during months which contain the letter “r.” So, if we follow this myth, oysters shouldn’t be eaten over summer. It is advisable not to eat raw oysters at this time due to higher red tide levels. Contrary to this belief, one restaurant is swimming against the tide and that is Emit Fishbar (エミット フィッシュバー). It is one of the latest seafood restaurants to hit the sixth floor of Ginza Six. It is offering seafood-centric menus such as unembellished raw oysters that have patrons hooked throughout all seasons.

    Popularity of Oysters in Japan

    Japan, as an island country, enjoys a variety of oysters from north to south. It is even said that some oysters have been consumed in the country since the Jomon Period (縄文時代), the earliest historical era of Japanese history. Different types of oysters are being eaten during different seasons. For example, Pacific oysters are in season during winter while Iwagaki (岩牡蠣) oysters in summer.

    Pacific oysters are commonly harvested in Hiroshima prefecture (広島県) while Iwagaki oysters in Akita prefecture (秋田県) and Ishikawa prefecture (石川県). These oysters are famous for being versatile especially when it comes to celebrations. They’re a perfect pair for wine and craft beer. Local diners often enjoy eating them through different preparations. Some people traditionally eat them raw while others grill them. The modern times have so many innovative ways in preparing them.

    About Emit Fishbar

    Oysters are good food if prepared the proper way. Eating them raw comes with a small set of risks. It is possible to get food poisoning from a bacteria called “vibrio” which leads to symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. This is the reason why stricter guidelines are being followed when handling such kinds of seafood. If you’d like to eat a lot of oysters this summer without worrying about food safety, Emit Fishbar is the best option for you.

    This place has an oyster bar where you can try several types of oyster preparations such as oyster mousse crostini. The popular Iwagaki rock oysters and Magaki (真牡蠣) Pacific oysters are also available here. Raw oysters have been carefully selected from the whole nation in order to provide the safest, mineral-rich oysters.

    The restaurant collaborated with General Oyster Inc., a Japanese-based company engaged in the operation of oyster wholesale. It has been running for 17 years now. It follows a five-step cleaning process in handling food. They follow a stringent hygiene inspection before oysters are shipped to their respective eateries. Take for example the signature mollusk called “mineral oyster (ミネラルオイスター)”, it undergoes a deep-sea purification process lasting 60 hours. This is the reason why the safest mineral oyster can only be found in the restaurant.

    Emit Fishbar also offer comprehensive menus with prices ranging from 360 yen to 450 yen per oyster. Single entrees come in hearty portions so you’ll surely get satiated. This is also a great meal to share.

    Oysters provide crucial nutrients to the body. They can be enjoyed in different delicious preparations and in all seasons. At Emit Fishbar, there’s no need to worry if you feel like digging into some oysters during the summer months. You can now enjoy oysters in Tokyo on any day and at any time you wish.

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