Japanese Brushes Kumanofude, Professional Makeup Brushes

  • Introduction

    I would like to introduce the Kumano makeup brushes, for all of the makeup lovers.
    These Kumano makeup brushes are used by Hollywood celebrities, models, makeup artists and other professional makeup artists around the world.
    These makeup brushes had become even more famous after the Japanese women’s soccer team: Nadeshiko Japan, received them as a prize for winning the National Honor Award back in 2011 after winning the FIFA World Cup.
    Although the expensive makeup brushes price can be almost 20,000 yen (Approximately $170), it is possible to buy more affordable ones, about 2,000 yen (Approximately $17.

    Types of Brushes

    The Kumano makeup brushes come in various types of brushes, from whole makeup brush sets to face washing brushes.Below is a list of a selected portion from the huge variety and types of brushes that are available in the shop.I have chosen some brushes from each type in different price ranges.
    Please note that this is only a small selection of what is actually available. I would like to introduce you the 374 makeup products but since that it would make for a ten page long article, I hope this small showcase of the types of brushes, will pick your interest and will encourage you to check it out by yourself.

    Powder Brushes
    F-001 Powder Brush: 4,924 Yen ($41)

    Kei Powder Brush
    Kei Powder Brush: 9,072 Yen ($76)

    Z-9 Powder Brush
    Z-9 Powder Brush: 17,280 Yen ($145)

    Face Brushes
    Moe Face Brush: 4,968 Yen ($41.75)

    No. 23 RFS SS-WH Puff Brush Large
    No. 23 RFS SS-WH Puff Brush Large : 9,504 Yen ($80)
    This brush comes in six colors! White, yellow, blue, pink, purple and black.

    SQ28: 17,100 Yen ($143)

    Liquid Foundation Brushes
    G-10 Liquid: 2,916 Yen ($24.50)

    R-LQ2 Liquid
    R-LQ2 Liquid: 6,156 Yen ($51.75)

    Cheek Brushes
    Portable Cheek Brush KP-2-P: 3,240 Yen ($27)
    This cheek brush has a handy cap attached, making it safe to carry around in your bag without the powder getting all over the inside of your bag.

    R-C4 Cheek
    R-C4 Cheek: 2,376 Yen ($20)

    Z-8 Cheek
    Z-8 Cheek: 10,800 Yen ($90.75)

    Eye Shadow Brushes
    R-S3 Eye Shadow: 1,188 Yen ( $10)

    MQ10S Eye Shadow
    MQ10S Eye Shadow: 5,184 Yen ($43.50)

    Eye Liner Brushes
    RR-SL 1 Shadow Liner: 1,944 Yen ($16)

    MB130 Eye Liner
    MB130 Eye Liner: 2,484 Yen ($21)

    Eyebrow Brushes
    Moe Eyebrow Brush: 1,296 Yen ($10.90)

    Z-6 Brow
    Z-6 Brow: 3,564 Yen ($30)

    Lip Brushes
    Ai Lip Brush: 1,404 Yen ($11.80)

    A03 Lip Gold
    A03 Lip Gold: 4,104 Yen ($34.50)

    #58C Portable Lip Brush
    #58C Portable Lip Brush: 2,700 Yen ($22.70)

    Face Wash Brushes
    Face Wash Brush (Large): 4,968 Yen ($41.75)

    Sweet Flower Soft (Blue)
    Sweet Flower Soft (Blue): 4,940 Yen ($41.50)
    This adorable face wash brush comes in two colors! (Blue and pink)

    Online Select Shop
    If you have any interest in purchasing these brushes, please check the shop link!
    Why not get a little of traditional Japanese culture through these amazing brushes?
    so if you’re looking for new makeup brushes, why not visit the Kumano brush site to pick up your own piece of traditional Japanese craftsmanship?
    Kumano Fude Select Shop website*Japanese only